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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Mugino's rating of the film Supernatural

    Being part of the CW lineup, this is a guilty pleasure, especially since my teen years are no longer even in the rearview mirror. But now in its whopping 12th season, it has rebounded from some earlier lags and detours, remarkably managing to find new territory to explore. Watching the actors and characters mature with their audience has brought a poignancy to the core themes of family and mortality.

  2. Maude Ares's rating of the film Supernatural

    Ne pas regarder toute d'une shot dans le noir seul dans votre appart.

  3. Keith Youngberg's rating of the film Supernatural

    Started out quite original and fascinating, but in my opinion it started to lose it's originality after the first 2-3 seasons, and becomes somewhat dull and repetitive.