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  1. Photo of Walter Hill

    Walter Hill Director

  2. Photo of Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola Director and Editing

  3. Photo of Jack Sholder

    Jack Sholder Director

  4. Photo of David C. Wilson

    David C. Wilson Screenplay

  5. Photo of James Spader

    James Spader Cast

  6. Photo of Angela Bassett

    Angela Bassett Cast

  7. Photo of Robert Forester

    Robert Forester Cast

  8. Photo of Lou Diamond Phillips

    Lou Diamond Phillips Cast

  9. Photo of Peter Facinelli

    Peter Facinelli Cast

  10. Photo of Robin Tunney

    Robin Tunney Cast

  11. Photo of Wilson Cruz

    Wilson Cruz Cast

  12. Photo of Eddy Rice Jr.

    Eddy Rice Jr. Cast

  13. Photo of Lloyd Ahern

    Lloyd Ahern Cinematography

  14. Photo of David C. Williams

    David C. Williams Music

  15. Photo of Marek Dobrowolski

    Marek Dobrowolski Production Design

  16. Photo of Daniel Chuba

    Daniel Chuba Producer

  17. Photo of Jamie Dixon

    Jamie Dixon Producer

  18. Photo of Ash R. Shah

    Ash R. Shah Producer

  19. Photo of Ralph S. Singleton

    Ralph S. Singleton Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Melissa Kent

    Melissa Kent Editing

  21. Photo of Michael Schweitzer

    Michael Schweitzer Editing

  22. Photo of Freeman A. Davies

    Freeman A. Davies Editing