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  1. Photo of Torsten Wacker

    Torsten Wacker Director

  2. Photo of Daniel Schwarz

    Daniel Schwarz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kerim Pamuk

    Kerim Pamuk Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Nina Bohlmann

    Nina Bohlmann Producer

  5. Photo of Babette Schröder

    Babette Schröder Producer

  6. Photo of Helmar Baum

    Helmar Baum Producer

  7. Photo of Udo Bomnüter

    Udo Bomnüter Producer

  8. Photo of Udo Happel

    Udo Happel Producer

  9. Photo of Florian Tessloff

    Florian Tessloff Music

  10. Photo of Andre Lex

    Andre Lex Cinematography

  11. Photo of Anja Pohl

    Anja Pohl Editing

  12. Photo of Wolf Seesselberg

    Wolf Seesselberg Production Design

  13. Photo of Philip Ulikowski

    Philip Ulikowski Sound

  14. Photo of Denis Moschitto

    Denis Moschitto Cast

  15. Photo of Marie Zielcke

    Marie Zielcke Cast

  16. Photo of Hilmi Sözer

    Hilmi Sözer Cast

  17. Photo of Meral Perin

    Meral Perin Cast

  18. Photo of Jenny Ostermann

    Jenny Ostermann Cast

  19. Photo of Sevgi Özdamar

    Sevgi Özdamar Cast

  20. Photo of Meray Ülgen

    Meray Ülgen Cast

  21. Photo of Martin Glade

    Martin Glade Cast

  22. Photo of Laura Maire

    Laura Maire Cast

  23. Photo of Hülya Duyar

    Hülya Duyar Cast

  24. Photo of Buket Yeni

    Buket Yeni Cast

  25. Photo of Nezâ Selbuz

    Nezâ Selbuz Cast

  26. Photo of Belhe Zaimoglu

    Belhe Zaimoglu Cast

  27. Photo of Aykut Kayacik

    Aykut Kayacik Cast

  28. Photo of Naci Özarslan

    Naci Özarslan Cast

  29. Photo of Yasar Cetin

    Yasar Cetin Cast

  30. Photo of Peter Lohmeyer

    Peter Lohmeyer Cast

  31. Photo of Orhan Güner

    Orhan Güner Cast

  32. Photo of Tayfun Bademsoy

    Tayfun Bademsoy Cast

  33. Photo of Hasan Arslan

    Hasan Arslan Cast

  34. Photo of Gandi Mukli

    Gandi Mukli Cast

  35. Photo of Cenqiz Özdemir

    Cenqiz Özdemir Cast

  36. Photo of Murat Yilmaz

    Murat Yilmaz Cast

  37. Photo of Andreas Kaufmann

    Andreas Kaufmann Cast

  38. Photo of Konstantin Graudus

    Konstantin Graudus Cast

  39. Photo of Metin Baydak

    Metin Baydak Cast

  40. Photo of Ludwig Apfel

    Ludwig Apfel Cast

  41. Photo of Carla Sophie Gollmer

    Carla Sophie Gollmer Cast