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  1. EdieEmm's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Boring 70s male fantasies about, & insidiously trope-riddled ideas of, women, disguised as intellectualism. Or, worse, somehow woven in with some threads of intellectualism. Plays with formalism? Check. Otherwise self-referential? Check. Comments on some meta-element of narrative? Check. Must be profound? Bah. I call fraudulence. Conservatism of worldview, disguised as subversion. Not like Borges or Rivette at all.

  2. j's rating of the film Surreal Estate

  3. alnsferraz's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    #nós #cultura #cinema #mubi #surrealismo #metafísica #artes #música #serail #eduardodegregorio #michelportal #mansão #isolamento #sobrenatural

  4. Jorge Mourinha's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Life is but a stage.

  5. vitofreire's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    "Surreal Estate" walks the thin line between sexploitation and Freud with the skill and finésse of an alcoholic on a monocycle.

  6. Sofia Due Rosenzweig's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Nice bilingual film. Strange and unsatisfying. Hausu vibes as well.

  7. msmichel's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    'He now had only one question...what side of the mirror was he on?' De Gregorio's debut film as a director is a wonderfully scripted and oft-macabre affair featuring a trio of wonderful performances by the three female leads. Pisier, Caron and Ogier are perfectly cast here and the music score by Michel Portal is just perfect. An under sung gem bearing discovery.

  8. captainfez's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    House-hunting in France is just as I'd expect.

  9. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Surreal Estate

  10. DrFirestone's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    A confusing, mysterious dream... Fantastic performances, especially from Bulle Ogier and Marie-France Pisier. Beautifully shot with anamorphic lenses, the moody location and great use of light and colours add to the magic. It doesn't seem to exploit the opportunity by pushing the established theme further and fully commit to the surreal undertone - the second half looses some steam and becomes slightly repetitious.

  11. guillermo's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Surreal estate, but not-at-all surreal sequence of images. Spoiler alert: neither surreal estate. However, nice story.

  12. austere popster's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    it all began like a nice little mystery tale, but after a certain point the plot seemed to get crazier by the minute (in the WTF rather than WOW sense). the score stayed brilliant throughout, though. overall, the female acting was much more convincing than the dull male 'lead' - but the scene with the lobster should come with a warning for all the non-carnivores out there.

  13. Jason's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    This is the first film directed by de Gregorio I have seen, though like many I am a huge fan of the Rivettes and the Bertolucci upon which he served as scenarist. In its functional concision, minimal means, and wily fabulations, this is not only wonderfully conceived stuff, but extremely well-realized. Less indebted to cinema's surrealism than literature's, SÉRAIL is like an André Breton ménage à trois fou.

  14. Sergey Belov's rating of the film Surreal Estate

  15. dionysus67's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    In a series of decenterings on sex, property, class, gender-logocentrism, De Gregorio's tapestry of elisions in a closed milieu generates moderate visual pleasures and food fro thought, yet it is nowhere near other cinematic toyings with Borges. There are unexpected surreal confiscations of bourgeois etiquette and the barbarity it conceals but genuine cinematic vision is overall too self-referntial for its own good.

  16. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    A remarkable film full of visual metaphors... and with a carefully written, inventive score by Michel Portal.

  17. Francesca Gavin's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Weird, a little kitsch but enjoyable. The women in this film are stupidly beautiful and you're rooting for them to bamboozle the idiot male lead.

  18. Brenda Clews's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    The ending, too abrupt. He was swindled, truly, brilliantly. But, perhaps, Surrealism is like that. A swindle. After the magic and desire and incredible images and imaginations, reality. The world reasserts itself in the sameness it is. The shutters are shut. The mansion of promised delights is just a decrepit huge old house without magic mirrors. I loved every moment of Surreal Estate.

  19. Post Ironic's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Companion to several surreal French films of the 70s, Rivette's "Celine and Julie", Chabrol's "Alice ou la Derniere Fugue", Malle's "Black Moon". A poetic and gothic surrealism, labyrinthine, à la Borges. Worth watching for the magical performances of Bulle Ogier and Marie-France Pisier alone, damsels (not so in distress). Mystery melds into hallucination into the phantasmagoric... A beautiful self-referential mess.

  20. Clara Cappagli's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    cheapo erotique mais les couleurs rappellent un beau giallo

  21.'s rating of the film Surreal Estate

    you can feel the tension build up but the climax is not satisfying

  22. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Don't let the cheesy 70's poster fool you, this is a hardcore cultural treat!! The music, the acting, the PLOT... makes you realize how infantile current cinema is... this is made for adults!

  23. Rex Freeman's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    It would be almost twenty years after this before it was fashionable to accuse the audience in the third act. This wickedly funny, near misogynistic film is better than most of them.

  24. Ludovic72's rating of the film Surreal Estate

    Logiquement très inspirée par "Céline et Julie vont en bateau" et "Duelle" de Rivette, cette petite aventure mystérieuse s'avère globalement plaisante, notamment grâce aux toujours excellentes Bulle Ogier et Marie-France Pisier, au décor labyrinthique et au travail sur les couleurs et les lumières. Mais en refusant de devenir résolument surnaturelle (sauf à la fin), l'ambiance ne décolle jamais assez... (3,5 / 5)

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