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  1. babycakesromero's rating of the film Surrogates

    we move closer and closer to this reality as our digital existence is starting to seriously compete with reality for the chunk of our time. robo willis is super creepy in a kinda good way and pike is brilliant as always.

  2. anarresti's rating of the film Surrogates

    Released 5 years ago and it could be used as an allegory for today's society (or the very near future). Most people do relate to the world with their avatars and they do prefer their online version of themselves, their profiles to themselves. There has been a migration to virtual landscapes. We don't have organic avatars. The interesting thing with these brilliant dystopias is that they seem like utopias to many.

  3. Palmat's rating of the film Surrogates

    Despite an interesting premise this is a train wreck if I ever have seen one.

  4. Shawn Adams Sagen's rating of the film Surrogates

  5. monoglot's rating of the film Surrogates

    It's hard to get worked up one way or the other about this. There's the spark of some interesting ideas here amid the dozens of ripoffs from better films, but the ideas are handled pretty blandly, and it's all ultimately inconsequential and forgettable.

  6. jenn-x's rating of the film Surrogates

    I don't mean to aggrandize, but in 80 years people are going to think this movie was brilliant

  7. Lobster Johnson's rating of the film Surrogates

    Read the graphic novel. It's much better.

  8. nargs_au's rating of the film Surrogates

    loved the visual and idea of the overall film. but i felt the ending was a let down and got abit to predictable. kinda sucks cause most of the film was quite enjoyable.

  9. Jardun's rating of the film Surrogates

    Good idea, but bad follow through.

  10. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Surrogates

    Surrogates is entertaining and ingenious, a film that raises many interesting ideas but unfortunately follows through on only few of them.

  11. Weena Eloi's rating of the film Surrogates

    For me, "Surrogates" was an enjoyable way to spend an hour and a-half at one o'clock in the morning. Outdated concept (didn't "The Twilight Zone" cover this back in the 1960's?) and cheesy effects only add to the aura of schlock. This movie was so astoundingly forgettable that even though I saw it a mere nine hours ago, I can't recall much about it, except one thing: Bruce Willis isn't incredibly irritating here.

  12. Flavia Caldeira's rating of the film Surrogates

    Eu prefiro este filme ao Avatar... Mas este é um bom exemplo: uma boa idéia sem um climax (I prefer than Avatar... But it's a good example: a good idea without a climax)

  13. Valu2009's rating of the film Surrogates

    Stale movie. I liked T3 but this one is way worse: Willis in his usual mono-expression mode plays the same role again and again, the plot is predictable and original ideas are something unknown here. Name ten movies between Blade Runner and Strange Days and you are not so far from this stereotypes feast (there's also a bit of Wargames!). Some nice effects and action but don't expect a super-muscular-adrenalinic flick

  14. robdido's rating of the film Surrogates

    Great SCI-FI. Not set in an acid rain filled world, but a world not unlike that of today. The concept is great. Comic must be good. As I mention in my review, kids of today are halfway there. Gives a whole new concept to MMORPG. Trailer: