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  1. Photo of George A. Romero

    George A. Romero Director, Executive Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Alan Van Sprang

    Alan Van Sprang Cast

  3. Photo of Kenneth Welsh

    Kenneth Welsh Cast

  4. Photo of Devon Bostick

    Devon Bostick Cast

  5. Photo of Kathleen Munroe

    Kathleen Munroe Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Fitzpatrick

    Richard Fitzpatrick Cast

  7. Photo of Athena Karkanis

    Athena Karkanis Cast

  8. Photo of Stefano DiMatteo

    Stefano DiMatteo Cast

  9. Photo of Joris Jarsky

    Joris Jarsky Cast

  10. Photo of Eric Woolfe

    Eric Woolfe Cast

  11. Photo of Hardee T. Lineham

    Hardee T. Lineham Cast

  12. Photo of John Healy

    John Healy Cast

  13. Photo of Joshua Peace

    Joshua Peace Cast

  14. Photo of Adam Swica

    Adam Swica Cinematography

  15. Photo of Robert Carli

    Robert Carli Music

  16. Photo of Arvinder Grewal

    Arvinder Grewal Production Design

  17. Photo of Paula Devonshire

    Paula Devonshire Producer

  18. Photo of D.J. Carson

    D.J. Carson Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Sam Englebardt

    Sam Englebardt Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Dan Fireman

    Dan Fireman Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Jeff Glickman

    Jeff Glickman Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Peter Grunwald

    Peter Grunwald Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Jesse D. Ikeman

    Jesse D. Ikeman Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Ara Katz

    Ara Katz Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Art Spigel

    Art Spigel Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Patrice Theroux

    Patrice Theroux Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Michael Doherty

    Michael Doherty Editing and Executive Producer