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  1. Photo of Taku Tada

    Taku Tada Screenplay and Editing

  2. Photo of Tadanobu Asano

    Tadanobu Asano Cast

  3. Photo of Reika Hashimoto

    Reika Hashimoto Cast

  4. Photo of Kyôko Koizumi

    Kyôko Koizumi Cast

  5. Photo of Hiroshi Abe

    Hiroshi Abe Cast

  6. Photo of Ittoku Kishibe

    Ittoku Kishibe Cast

  7. Photo of Yumi Asô

    Yumi Asô Cast

  8. Photo of Kanji Tsuda

    Kanji Tsuda Cast

  9. Photo of Yoshiyuki Morishita

    Yoshiyuki Morishita Cast

  10. Photo of Jai West

    Jai West Cast

  11. Photo of YosiYosi Arakawa

    YosiYosi Arakawa Cast

  12. Photo of Vinnie Jones

    Vinnie Jones Cast

  13. Photo of Sonny Chiba

    Sonny Chiba Cast

  14. Photo of Shihori Kanjiya

    Shihori Kanjiya Cast

  15. Photo of Tomokazu Miura

    Tomokazu Miura Cast

  16. Photo of Ryunosuke Kamiki

    Ryunosuke Kamiki Cast

  17. Photo of Nina Uchida

    Nina Uchida Cast

  18. Photo of Ayano Seki

    Ayano Seki Cast

  19. Photo of Rinko Kikuchi

    Rinko Kikuchi Cast

  20. Photo of Makoto Shiguma

    Makoto Shiguma Cinematography

  21. Photo of James Shimoji

    James Shimoji Music

  22. Photo of Ryoichi Fukuyama

    Ryoichi Fukuyama Producer

  23. Photo of Hiroyuki Taniguchi

    Hiroyuki Taniguchi Producer

  24. Photo of Gen Sekiguchi

    Gen Sekiguchi Editing and Director