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  1. josé luis rangel's rating of the film Survivors

    hysterical retelling of The Exterminating Angel where the compelling force behind the confinement is the bourgeois reluctance to adjust to the times. a hilarious film with the historical sensibility and the non dogmatic approach that all the films of TGA have and it offers the rare pleasure of seeing the rich (literally) eating each other.

  2. SAMMAX's rating of the film Survivors

    The Exterminating Angel

  3. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Survivors

    A love letter to Bunuel from isolationist, Communist Cuba - a Discreet Charm where all they do is eat; the Appetite Killed the Bourgeoisie. The political smackdown is so unsubtle it's a quiet miracle this is even around. But it's so in love with what it can get away with - genre-mashing comedy with cannibalism in heightened states of reality - it does become overlong, never knowing quite when to wrap up the meal.

  4. Varun Saini's rating of the film Survivors