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  1. dionysus67's rating of the film Susana

    Another amazing work from Buñuel, which ingeniously uses the voluptuous Susana to secrete evil into the bourgeois Mexican family. Brilliantly conveying without qualms the theological paradox of Evil unleashed by God, the blasphemous Spaniard pays due respect to theological iconography. The latter is trasnposed into characters' vices and the dualism 'devil/guardian angel' places De Sade at the heart of Christianity.

  2. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Susana

  3. FISCHER's rating of the film Susana

    Oeuvre somme toute intéressante de la période mexicaine du réalisateur, souvent mal accueillie par la critique de l'époque et d'ailleurs mésestimée par son propre géniteur qui avait prévu un épilogue beaucoup moins idyllique et idéologiquement bien plus déstabilisant que celui de la pseudo-harmonie familiale à nouveau retrouvée...

  4. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Susana

  5. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Susana

    6.9/10, my review:

  6. patríciapinho's rating of the film Susana

  7. RoRoRoro's rating of the film Susana

  8. Renton47's rating of the film Susana

    A spy enters the house of love and removes the masks of many men with unsavoury agendas. But at the end of the day they all revert to their platonic ideals, turning their eyes from the baseness that revealed itself. Such is the life of the elite. This satire lacks the incisiveness of Bunuel's best works and has some slightly dubious character motives.

  9. Andrés Pff's rating of the film Susana

    Calabacitas Tiernas (1949) ★★ Dir.Gilberto Martínez Solares

  10. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Susana

    Susanavabeyoatch!! The many different degrading ways this woman is called, so creative! Wonderful moral-mocking fun, like only Buñuel provides!!

  11. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Susana

    I love this kind of woman. My wife doesn't. Recommended though.

  12. Tiago Gonçalves's rating of the film Susana

  13. Sin título.'s rating of the film Susana

    La anodina realidad parece lo más dulce después de haber vivido la tentación de la carne, tan fascinante y relente como la falsa inocencia de Susana ante la proximidad de un beso.

  14. Patlabor's rating of the film Susana

    A sharp expose of bourgeois goodness.

  15. Lumière's rating of the film Susana

    One of Buñuel's greatest films. A masterpiece!

  16. Harry Rossi's rating of the film Susana

    Not the Buñuel I'm used to, but certainly not bad by any means! As a melodrama, it works beautifully with great actors and visuals. The whipping scene was fantastic and made me giggle. Also I loved the end. Reminded me of the end to The Last Laugh, completely mocking the audience. Good stuff!

  17. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Susana

    Luis Buñuel, con esta película, va ingresando sutilmente dos constantes en su larga filmografía: el erotismo y las piernas. Una película compuesta por un entretenido melodrama y un "objeto del deseo". Un filme necesario.

  18. ramosbarajas's rating of the film Susana

    A good melodrama. The performances are very good, especially from the women. Buñuel and the other crew's technical mastery is the standout. The cinematography is interesting, and has moments of near perfection, like when three men are standing outside Susana's room looking at her shadow in the window during a storm. There is obvious studio interference in regards to themes, but overall it's a good melodrama.