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  1. VivianDarkbloom's rating of the film Suspiria

    scariest movie I've ever seen. Also, Joan Bennett <3 <3 We stan a legend <3

  2. Enkiled's rating of the film Suspiria

  3. Alex Pintică's rating of the film Suspiria

  4. Gonzelush Thompson's rating of the film Suspiria

  5. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Suspiria

    A visually breathtaking horror movie with gorgeous use of it's sets. Extremely artistic with some of the most intense and memorable death sequences put on film. Jessica Harper is a classy and beautiful starlet that seem taken from a silent movie production and put into a color and sound film. Goblin's unique music add an extra dimension to the film. Only a few terrible supporting actresses threaten to ruin the film.

  6. José Neves's rating of the film Suspiria

    Digital restored, re-watched. Watching this movie on a movie screen is an exultant experience, even if it was in a digital print and not in 35mm. From all the sides I could catch it, I'll highlight the one that first came to my mind yesterday: that of a great amusement with the scenery, an extraordinary joy of filming, experiencing and destroying it, as in a very good Jerry Lewis. A superior exercise on telling.

  7. edpwilson's rating of the film Suspiria

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  9. Ozu_Teapot's rating of the film Suspiria

  10. whimsicalmelancholy's rating of the film Suspiria

    bagus. banget. bahkan dari cinematography scene pertamanya aja udah bikin jatuh hati dan bikin mikir "anjrit gmn ya caranya bikin kyk ginian". semoga remakenya ga mengecewakan!

  11. Sylvia's rating of the film Suspiria

    Nice visually, although the plot didn't convince me fully. It's a good watch nonetheless.

  12. prideofmigrants's rating of the film Suspiria

    Dario Argento'nun bale okulunda yarattığı gotik betimleme ve gölgelerle ışığın birbirine farklı şekillerde kaynaşmasının filmde kullanılması, bunun yanında kamera kullanımındaki canlılık filmi nefes alıp veren bir esere, kırmızının ağırlıklı kullanımı ve ölümün anlık sunumundaki yansıtılan sadist anlatım eseri, bir korku başyapıtına dönüştürüyor.

  13. Alborz M's rating of the film Suspiria

  14. Sara Delshad's rating of the film Suspiria

  15. João Luís Ribeiro's rating of the film Suspiria

  16. Jason's rating of the film Suspiria

    Having seen SUSPIRIA more times growing up than I could possibly be expected to count, finally seeing it in all its glory on a big screen (w/ big sound!) has been a revelatory experience. This is a film which continues to offer us a transcendent mimesis of certain narcotic and psychadelic species of experience. Argento had not previously proffered unto the public anything that was quite this much Id. A ravishment.

  17. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Suspiria

    Jugendstil horror with flaring colours. The first murder scene is one of the finest in movie history. It’s pure aesthetics with sinister content, a perfect combination of visual style, Goblin’s music, and suspense. The rest of the film doesn’t quite live up to this scene but it’s still mesmerising and atmospheric like hell.

  18. Rocco's rating of the film Suspiria

    An essential film, no doubt. Many a young horror fan's mind has been torn open by Argento's most popular and stylistically accomplished work and one couldn't wish for a finer example of horror as art. Yet, stripped of its importance to the genre, Suspiria falls prey to some of Argento's very worst storytelling and dialogue sins as well as a serious dearth of forward momentum. Easy to appreciate, hard to love.

  19. ig_____or's rating of the film Suspiria

    Saturated colours, loud sounds, great scenarios, ingenue girls and a whole lot of craziness. There's never a dull minute in "Suspiria" and Argento sure made a fun film where arthouse and camp seem to go hand in hand.

  20. BernardoL's rating of the film Suspiria

    A visually stunning, dream-like tour de force by Argento that is unfortunately held back by terrible acting and really bad ADR. Still, quite a ride if you can look past the histrionics. Unforgettable cinematography as well.

  21. ilze zzz's rating of the film Suspiria

    that amazing soundtrack almost damaged my brain

  22. sissy69's rating of the film Suspiria

    Stunning in so many ways, but yes. . . too long. The film peaked at the maggot scene, and the ending should have been more ambiguous!!!! dont unmask the evil,, mama. The bat scene really didn't need to be included at all. . . but yes mmm very pretty oo la la la

  23. Onbestendig's rating of the film Suspiria

    2.5 (1.5 +1 for lighting and color palette)

  24. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Suspiria

    Taking from Disney pictures with its motifs and from German Expressionism in its ravishing aesthetic, Suspiria is a fairy tale for grown-ups. The interaction between the girls is childishly humorous, and the entire plot of the film follows an absurd nightmare logic. It's both nonsensically silly and chillingly creepy. It could be for kids, that is if the murder scenes weren't so unapologetically brutal and scary.

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