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  1. Photo of Diana Dors

    Diana Dors Cast

  2. Photo of Christina Lindberg

    Christina Lindberg Cast

  3. Photo of Cia Lowgren

    Cia Lowgren Cast

  4. Photo of Solveig Andersson

    Solveig Andersson Cast

  5. Photo of Peder Kinberg

    Peder Kinberg Cast

  6. Photo of Ib Mossin

    Ib Mossin Cast

  7. Photo of John Harryson

    John Harryson Cast

  8. Photo of Urban Standar

    Urban Standar Cast

  9. Photo of Egil Holmsen

    Egil Holmsen Cast

  10. Photo of Claes Thelander

    Claes Thelander Cast

  11. Photo of Joseph W. Sarno

    Joseph W. Sarno Director and Screenplay

  12. Photo of Vernon P. Becker

    Vernon P. Becker Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Lasse Björne

    Lasse Björne Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ingemar Ejve

    Ingemar Ejve Editing

  15. Photo of John Shakespeare

    John Shakespeare Music

  16. Photo of Derek Warne

    Derek Warne Music