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  1. Photo of Ody C. Harahap

    Ody C. Harahap Director

  2. Photo of Upi Avianto

    Upi Avianto Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tatjana Saphira

    Tatjana Saphira Cast

  4. Photo of Lukman Sardi

    Lukman Sardi Cast

  5. Photo of Niniek L. Karim

    Niniek L. Karim Cast

  6. Photo of Slamet Rahardjo

    Slamet Rahardjo Cast

  7. Photo of Kevin Julio

    Kevin Julio Cast

  8. Photo of Morgan Oey

    Morgan Oey Cast

  9. Photo of Cut Mini Theo

    Cut Mini Theo Cast

  10. Photo of Widyawati

    Widyawati Cast