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  1. Photo of Alberto Lattuada

    Alberto Lattuada Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Claude Brulé

    Claude Brulé Screenplay

  3. Photo of Franco Brusati

    Franco Brusati Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francesco Ghedini

    Francesco Ghedini Screenplay

  5. Photo of Catherine Spaak

    Catherine Spaak Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Sorel

    Jean Sorel Cast

  7. Photo of Christian Marquand

    Christian Marquand Cast

  8. Photo of Juanita Faust

    Juanita Faust Cast

  9. Photo of Marilù Tolo

    Marilù Tolo Cast

  10. Photo of Milly

    Milly Cast

  11. Photo of Antonella Erspamer

    Antonella Erspamer Cast

  12. Photo of Giovanna Pignatelli

    Giovanna Pignatelli Cast

  13. Photo of Oliviero Prunas

    Oliviero Prunas Cast

  14. Photo of Giacomo Furia

    Giacomo Furia Cast

  15. Photo of Gisella Arden

    Gisella Arden Cast

  16. Photo of Patrizia Bini

    Patrizia Bini Cast

  17. Photo of Eva Bruni

    Eva Bruni Cast

  18. Photo of Franco Lolli

    Franco Lolli Cast

  19. Photo of Ida Masetti

    Ida Masetti Cast

  20. Photo of Donatella Raffai

    Donatella Raffai Cast

  21. Photo of Serena Vergano

    Serena Vergano Cast

  22. Photo of Silverio Dani

    Silverio Dani Cast

  23. Photo of Laura Di Ravello

    Laura Di Ravello Cast

  24. Photo of Priscilla Contardi

    Priscilla Contardi Cast

  25. Photo of Angela Caffelli

    Angela Caffelli Cast

  26. Photo of Claudio Gora

    Claudio Gora Cast

  27. Photo of Gábor Pogány

    Gábor Pogány Cinematography

  28. Photo of Piero Piccioni

    Piero Piccioni Music

  29. Photo of Maurizio Chiari

    Maurizio Chiari Production Design

  30. Photo of Silvio Clementelli

    Silvio Clementelli Producer

  31. Photo of Leo Cattozzo

    Leo Cattozzo Editing