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  1. Photo of Alfred E. Green

    Alfred E. Green Director

  2. Photo of Carl Erickson

    Carl Erickson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Warren Duff

    Warren Duff Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jerry Wald

    Jerry Wald Story and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rudy Vallee

    Rudy Vallee Cast

  6. Photo of Ann Dvorak

    Ann Dvorak Cast

  7. Photo of Ned Sparks

    Ned Sparks Cast

  8. Photo of Helen Morgan

    Helen Morgan Cast

  9. Photo of Robert Armstrong

    Robert Armstrong Cast

  10. Photo of Allen Jenkins

    Allen Jenkins Cast

  11. Photo of Alice White

    Alice White Cast

  12. Photo of Joseph Cawthorn

    Joseph Cawthorn Cast

  13. Photo of Al Shean

    Al Shean Cast

  14. Photo of Phillip Reed

    Phillip Reed Cast

  15. Photo of William B. Davidson

    William B. Davidson Cast

  16. Photo of Henry O'Neill

    Henry O'Neill Cast

  17. Photo of Addison Richards

    Addison Richards Cast

  18. Photo of Russell Hicks

    Russell Hicks Cast

  19. Photo of Clay Clement

    Clay Clement Cast

  20. Photo of Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees

    Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees Cast

  21. Photo of The Frank and Milton Britton Comedy Band

    The Frank and Milton Britton Comedy Band Cast

  22. Photo of James Van Trees

    James Van Trees Cinematography

  23. Photo of Bernhard Kaun

    Bernhard Kaun Music

  24. Photo of Robert M. Haas

    Robert M. Haas Production Design

  25. Photo of Samuel Bischoff

    Samuel Bischoff Producer

  26. Photo of Herbert Leonard

    Herbert Leonard Editing

  27. Photo of Orry-Kelly

    Orry-Kelly Costume Design