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  1. Photo of Mark Sobel

    Mark Sobel Director

  2. Photo of Steven M. Krauzer

    Steven M. Krauzer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tim McCoy

    Tim McCoy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Randy Kornfield

    Randy Kornfield Story

  5. Photo of Nancy Allen

    Nancy Allen Cast

  6. Photo of Ted Shackelford

    Ted Shackelford Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Landau

    Martin Landau Cast

  8. Photo of Sal Landi

    Sal Landi Cast

  9. Photo of Michele Little

    Michele Little Cast

  10. Photo of Gina Gershon

    Gina Gershon Cast

  11. Photo of Lotis Key

    Lotis Key Cast

  12. Photo of Stacey Adams

    Stacey Adams Cast

  13. Photo of Leo Martinez

    Leo Martinez Cast

  14. Photo of Jim Beaver

    Jim Beaver Cast and Screenplay

  15. Photo of George E. Mahlberg

    George E. Mahlberg Cast and Sound

  16. Photo of Shane D. Kelly

    Shane D. Kelly Cinematography

  17. Photo of Ernest Troost

    Ernest Troost Music

  18. Photo of Vic Dabao

    Vic Dabao Production Design

  19. Photo of Steven Stabler

    Steven Stabler Producer

  20. Photo of Vic Ordonez

    Vic Ordonez Producer

  21. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Brad Krevoy

    Brad Krevoy Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Michael S. Murphy

    Michael S. Murphy Editing

  24. Photo of Patrick Rand

    Patrick Rand Editing

  25. Photo of Cathie Speakman

    Cathie Speakman Sound