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  1. Photo of Alexander Mackendrick

    Alexander Mackendrick Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ernest Lehman

    Ernest Lehman Novel

  3. Photo of Burt Lancaster

    Burt Lancaster Cast and Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Susan Harrison

    Susan Harrison Cast

  5. Photo of Martin Milner

    Martin Milner Cast

  6. Photo of Sam Levene

    Sam Levene Cast

  7. Photo of Joe Frisco

    Joe Frisco Cast

  8. Photo of Jeff Donnell

    Jeff Donnell Cast

  9. Photo of Emile Meyer

    Emile Meyer Cast

  10. Photo of Edith Atwater

    Edith Atwater Cast

  11. Photo of The Chico Hamilton Quintet

    The Chico Hamilton Quintet Cast

  12. Photo of Barbara Nichols

    Barbara Nichols Cast

  13. Photo of Jay Adler

    Jay Adler Cast

  14. Photo of Steve Carruthers

    Steve Carruthers Cast

  15. Photo of Colin Kenny

    Colin Kenny Cast

  16. Photo of Clifford Odets

    Clifford Odets Cast and Screenplay

  17. Photo of Bert Stevens

    Bert Stevens Cast

  18. Photo of Lurene Tuttle

    Lurene Tuttle Cast

  19. Photo of David White

    David White Cast

  20. Photo of James Wong Howe

    James Wong Howe Cinematography

  21. Photo of Elmer Bernstein

    Elmer Bernstein Music

  22. Photo of James Hill

    James Hill Producer

  23. Photo of Tony Curtis

    Tony Curtis Executive Producer and Cast

  24. Photo of Harold Hecht

    Harold Hecht Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Alan Crosland Jr.

    Alan Crosland Jr. Editing

  26. Photo of Jack Solomon

    Jack Solomon Sound

  27. Photo of Mary Grant

    Mary Grant Costume Design