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  1. Photo of Max Pécas

    Max Pécas Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Barbara Sommers

    Barbara Sommers Screenplay

  3. Photo of Roger Fellous

    Roger Fellous Cinematography

  4. Photo of Karine Gambier

    Karine Gambier Cast

  5. Photo of Richard Darbois

    Richard Darbois Cast

  6. Photo of Pierre Danny

    Pierre Danny Cast

  7. Photo of Corinne Lemoine

    Corinne Lemoine Cast

  8. Photo of Jacques Insermini

    Jacques Insermini Cast

  9. Photo of Derry Hall

    Derry Hall Music

  10. Photo of Charlie Schreiner

    Charlie Schreiner Cast

  11. Photo of Richard Allan

    Richard Allan Cast

  12. Photo of Doris Keen

    Doris Keen Cast

  13. Photo of Sandra Martin

    Sandra Martin Cast

  14. Photo of Carmelo Petix

    Carmelo Petix Cast