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  1. Photo of Lina Wertmüller

    Lina Wertmüller Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Romano Cardarelli

    Romano Cardarelli Producer

  3. Photo of Giancarlo Giannini

    Giancarlo Giannini Cast

  4. Photo of Mariangela Melato

    Mariangela Melato Cast

  5. Photo of Riccardo Salvino

    Riccardo Salvino Cast

  6. Photo of Isa Danieli

    Isa Danieli Cast

  7. Photo of Aldo Puglisi

    Aldo Puglisi Cast

  8. Photo of Giulio Battiferri

    Giulio Battiferri Cinematography

  9. Photo of Giuseppe Fornari

    Giuseppe Fornari Cinematography

  10. Photo of Ennio Guarnieri

    Ennio Guarnieri Cinematography

  11. Photo of Stefano Ricciotti

    Stefano Ricciotti Cinematography

  12. Photo of Piero Piccioni

    Piero Piccioni Music

  13. Photo of Eros Pagni

    Eros Pagni Cast

  14. Photo of Luis Suárez

    Luis Suárez Cast

  15. Photo of Anna Melita

    Anna Melita Cast

  16. Photo of Vittorio Fanfoni

    Vittorio Fanfoni Cast

  17. Photo of Giuseppe Durini

    Giuseppe Durini Cast

  18. Photo of Lorenzo Piani

    Lorenzo Piani Cast

  19. Photo of Lucrezia De Domizio

    Lucrezia De Domizio Cast