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  1. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Swept Away

  2. ammar's rating of the film Swept Away

  3. Sara-D's rating of the film Swept Away

  4. lou.'s rating of the film Swept Away

    Lina is a genius. Gianca is a super-duper-figo. ❤

  5. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Swept Away

    Really great performances that endure and a complexity emerges on repeat viewers pertaining to class dynamics that reverberates still. Being able to balance both of these without feel contrived is what makes this film amazing.

  6. grotesc's rating of the film Swept Away

  7. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Swept Away

    4.5 Sure, overly verbose, histrionic max, irony overload, explicit social commentary, but come on... this is CINEMA. I found myself sneering, gaging, laughing out loud often, even a little tear here and there (I'm sensitive). This feels like some open rope Buñuel dropped from the mast. The "point" is clearly made, via a devastating love story. A satire that pricks under the skin. But can you deny the humanity?

  8. Mcpeer's rating of the film Swept Away

    An engaging and beautifully crafted Italian gem. Visually, films films shot on the ocean look this good. The banter between our two leads is wonderful - the writing and script are so fun that the entire film comes off as joyous ride. It may be too uncomfortable for modern audiences - the violence against women, although, she totally deserved it and it's more about socioeconomics than gender. It's uneven but so fun.

  9.'s rating of the film Swept Away

    (...) Wir erleben die Untiefen einer sadomasochistischen Beziehung mit viel Gewalt. Je mehr sie sich unterwirft, desto mehr Lust verspürt sie, ja sie fühlt das Pathos der Liebe. Doch wir haben es mit einem gegensätzlichen Paar zu tun. Nun müssen sie sich entscheiden: Bleiben sie abgeschieden auf der Insel oder kehren sie in die Zivilisation zurück?(...)

  10. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Swept Away

    A darkly funny, ultimately tragic statement about the relationships of working classes, and a good case for why I need to see more of Wermuller's work

  11. La quinta luna's rating of the film Swept Away

  12. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Swept Away

    Altro pezzo forte della nostra storia cinematografica. La metafora classista viene resa perfettamente,grazie a due attori clamorosamente in parte ed ad un'ambientazione e a dei tempi scenici sempre di gran livello. Il finale crudo e realista eleva ancor di più il tutto. .Un nostro grande film.

  13. Stasya Korotkova's rating of the film Swept Away

    Weird film for the director who identifies herself as an anarchist. The message "the class system is unfair" is rather primitive although it's delivered wittily.But the love line is a pure praise to sexism which was a part of the dominant ideology.It basically states that if a woman is quarrelsome and thinks too much of herself,she deserves to be beaten and raped into a submissive servant.And that will make her happy

  14. Arf's rating of the film Swept Away

    Giannini+Melato=la perfezione

  15. hastapura's rating of the film Swept Away

    I guess I'm a humorless feminist? It's hard not to get what Wertmuller's going for but it just doesn't play on a character level - maybe "raped into submission" works as political allegory, but how many times do you need to read Animal Farm to get what you need from it? Not even once? Is Girl With the Dragon Tattoo suddenly a vicious polemic? I can't get past it. I am clouded by emotion.

  16. Bibi Lamy's rating of the film Swept Away

    divertente e sensuale, insomma bello

  17. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Swept Away

    One of the best movies of the '70s

  18. Michele Andreoli's rating of the film Swept Away

  19. rien va's rating of the film Swept Away

    "Bottana industriale" (cit.)

  20. Joel's rating of the film Swept Away

    My first exposure to Lina and I must say it was entertaining for sure. Quite a unique film with ridiculous characters and dialogue. It failed to totally wow me like most of the Italian films of it's time, perhaps that's because this film moves more as a comedy then a drama but I will look into more of her films for sure.

  21. Joanna.H's rating of the film Swept Away

    This movie is fantastic. At the beginning I was hesitant. I felt it was preaching political ideology way more than entertaining. But after 20 minutes, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Shocking, sexy and original.