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  1. Photo of Russell Mulcahy

    Russell Mulcahy Director

  2. Photo of William J. Immerman

    William J. Immerman Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Andrew Mason

    Andrew Mason Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Howard Baldwin

    Howard Baldwin Producer

  5. Photo of Karen Elise Baldwin

    Karen Elise Baldwin Producer

  6. Photo of Paul Pompian

    Paul Pompian Producer

  7. Photo of Kate Lanier

    Kate Lanier Screenplay

  8. Photo of Anthony Fingleton

    Anthony Fingleton Screenplay and Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Martin McGrath

    Martin McGrath Cinematography

  10. Photo of Geoffrey Rush

    Geoffrey Rush Cast

  11. Photo of Judy Davis

    Judy Davis Cast

  12. Photo of Jesse Spencer

    Jesse Spencer Cast

  13. Photo of Tim Draxl

    Tim Draxl Cast

  14. Photo of Deborah Kennedy

    Deborah Kennedy Cast

  15. Photo of David Holfin

    David Holfin Cast

  16. Photo of Craig Horner

    Craig Horner Cast

  17. Photo of Brittany Byrnes

    Brittany Byrnes Cast

  18. Photo of Marcus D'Acry

    Marcus D'Acry Editing

  19. Photo of Roger Ford

    Roger Ford Production Design

  20. Photo of Reinhold Heil

    Reinhold Heil Music

  21. Photo of Johnny Klimek

    Johnny Klimek Music

  22. Photo of Christian Bass

    Christian Bass Sound

  23. Photo of Angus Strathie

    Angus Strathie Costume Design