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  1. Photo of Jonathan Demme

    Jonathan Demme Director

  2. Photo of Nancy Dowd

    Nancy Dowd Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bo Goldman

    Bo Goldman Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ron Nyswaner

    Ron Nyswaner Screenplay

  5. Photo of Goldie Hawn

    Goldie Hawn Cast

  6. Photo of Kurt Russell

    Kurt Russell Cast

  7. Photo of Christine Lahti

    Christine Lahti Cast

  8. Photo of Fred Ward

    Fred Ward Cast

  9. Photo of Ed Harris

    Ed Harris Cast

  10. Photo of Sudie Bond

    Sudie Bond Cast

  11. Photo of Holly Hunter

    Holly Hunter Cast

  12. Photo of Patty Maloney

    Patty Maloney Cast

  13. Photo of Lisa Pelikan

    Lisa Pelikan Cast

  14. Photo of Susan Peretz

    Susan Peretz Cast

  15. Photo of Joey Aresco

    Joey Aresco Cast

  16. Photo of Roger Corman

    Roger Corman Cast

  17. Photo of Dick Miller

    Dick Miller Cast

  18. Photo of Tak Fujimoto

    Tak Fujimoto Cinematography

  19. Photo of Patrick Williams

    Patrick Williams Music

  20. Photo of Peter Jamison

    Peter Jamison Production Design

  21. Photo of Jerry Bick

    Jerry Bick Producer

  22. Photo of Charles Mulvehill

    Charles Mulvehill Producer

  23. Photo of Arlene Sellers

    Arlene Sellers Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Alex Winitsky

    Alex Winitsky Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Craig McKay

    Craig McKay Editing

  26. Photo of Gib Jaffe

    Gib Jaffe Editing

  27. Photo of Gary Alexander

    Gary Alexander Sound

  28. Photo of James Beshears

    James Beshears Sound

  29. Photo of Charles L. Campbell

    Charles L. Campbell Sound

  30. Photo of Larry Carow

    Larry Carow Sound

  31. Photo of Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins Sound

  32. Photo of Tom Overton

    Tom Overton Sound

  33. Photo of David Pettijohn

    David Pettijohn Sound

  34. Photo of Larry Stensvold

    Larry Stensvold Sound

  35. Photo of Roger Sword

    Roger Sword Sound

  36. Photo of Joe I. Tompkins

    Joe I. Tompkins Costume Design

  37. Photo of Bo Welch

    Bo Welch Art Department