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  1. Photo of Lael Rodrigues

    Lael Rodrigues Director, Editing Screenplay

  2. Photo of Yoya Wursch

    Yoya Wursch Screenplay

  3. Photo of Débora Bloch

    Débora Bloch Cast

  4. Photo of Lauro Corona

    Lauro Corona Cast

  5. Photo of Diogo Vilela

    Diogo Vilela Cast

  6. Photo of Maria Zilda Bethlem

    Maria Zilda Bethlem Cast

  7. Photo of Cazuza

    Cazuza Cast and Music

  8. Photo of Hugo Carvana

    Hugo Carvana Cast

  9. Photo of Arthur Muhlenberg

    Arthur Muhlenberg Cast

  10. Photo of Jessel Buss

    Jessel Buss Cast

  11. Photo of Duse Nacarati

    Duse Nacarati Cast

  12. Photo of Eleonora Rocha

    Eleonora Rocha Cast

  13. Photo of Claudio Moreno

    Claudio Moreno Cast

  14. Photo of Marcus Vinicius

    Marcus Vinicius Cast

  15. Photo of Andrea Beltrão

    Andrea Beltrão Cast

  16. Photo of Claudio Baltar

    Claudio Baltar Cast

  17. Photo of Mario Dias Costa

    Mario Dias Costa Cast

  18. Photo of Márcio Trigo

    Márcio Trigo Cast

  19. Photo of José Joffily

    José Joffily Cast

  20. Photo of Paulo Antonio Magoula

    Paulo Antonio Magoula Cast

  21. Photo of Jorge Laffond

    Jorge Laffond Cast

  22. Photo of Paula Guimarães Preuss

    Paula Guimarães Preuss Cast

  23. Photo of Cléber Felix

    Cléber Felix Cast

  24. Photo of Bettina Graziani

    Bettina Graziani Cast

  25. Photo of Rui Marcos Ferreira

    Rui Marcos Ferreira Cast

  26. Photo of Ana Muhllenberg

    Ana Muhllenberg Cast

  27. Photo of Dartagnan Holand

    Dartagnan Holand Cast

  28. Photo of Helena Padilha

    Helena Padilha Cast

  29. Photo of Messias Santos

    Messias Santos Cast

  30. Photo of Kikita

    Kikita Cast

  31. Photo of Eleonora

    Eleonora Cast

  32. Photo of Adalberto Freitas

    Adalberto Freitas Cast

  33. Photo of Tonico Barros

    Tonico Barros Cast

  34. Photo of Sérgio Luiz Pereira

    Sérgio Luiz Pereira Cast

  35. Photo of João Carlos Dumont

    João Carlos Dumont Cast

  36. Photo of Edgar Moura

    Edgar Moura Cinematography

  37. Photo of Roberto Frejat

    Roberto Frejat Music

  38. Photo of Carlos Alberto Diniz

    Carlos Alberto Diniz Producer

  39. Photo of Marcelo Laffitte

    Marcelo Laffitte Producer

  40. Photo of Jean Lafuge

    Jean Lafuge Producer

  41. Photo of Patrick Moine

    Patrick Moine Producer

  42. Photo of Tizuka Yamasaki

    Tizuka Yamasaki Executive Producer

  43. Photo of Zezé d'Alice

    Zezé d'Alice Sound