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  1. Photo of Daniel Petrie

    Daniel Petrie Director

  2. Photo of Philip Capice

    Philip Capice Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Peter Dunne

    Peter Dunne Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Jacqueline Babbin

    Jacqueline Babbin Producer

  5. Photo of Stewart Stern

    Stewart Stern Screenplay

  6. Photo of Flora Rheta Schreiber

    Flora Rheta Schreiber Screenplay

  7. Photo of Mario Tosi

    Mario Tosi Cinematography

  8. Photo of Joanne Woodward

    Joanne Woodward Cast

  9. Photo of Sally Field

    Sally Field Cast

  10. Photo of Brad Davis

    Brad Davis Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Lane

    Charles Lane Cast

  12. Photo of Gina Petrushka

    Gina Petrushka Cast

  13. Photo of Michael S. McLean

    Michael S. McLean Editing

  14. Photo of Rita Roland

    Rita Roland Editing

  15. Photo of Tom H. John

    Tom H. John Production Design

  16. Photo of Leonard Rosenman

    Leonard Rosenman Music

  17. Photo of Patricia Norris

    Patricia Norris Costume Design

  18. Photo of Martine Bartlett

    Martine Bartlett Cast

  19. Photo of Jane Hoffman

    Jane Hoffman Cast

  20. Photo of Jessamine Milner

    Jessamine Milner Cast

  21. Photo of William Prince

    William Prince Cast

  22. Photo of Penelope Allen

    Penelope Allen Cast

  23. Photo of Camila Ashland

    Camila Ashland Cast

  24. Photo of Harold Pruett

    Harold Pruett Cast

  25. Photo of Natasha Ryan

    Natasha Ryan Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Tulley

    Paul Tulley Cast

  27. Photo of Anne Beesley

    Anne Beesley Cast