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  1. Photo of Hitoshi Matsumoto

    Hitoshi Matsumoto Director, Screenplay, and Cast

  2. Photo of Mitsuyoshi Takasu

    Mitsuyoshi Takasu Screenplay

  3. Photo of David Quintero

    David Quintero Cast

  4. Photo of Luis Accinelli

    Luis Accinelli Cast

  5. Photo of Lilian Tapia

    Lilian Tapia Cast

  6. Photo of Adriana Fricke

    Adriana Fricke Cast

  7. Photo of Carlos C. Torres

    Carlos C. Torres Cast

  8. Photo of Yasuyuki Tohyama

    Yasuyuki Tohyama Cinematography

  9. Photo of Yasuaki Shimizu

    Yasuaki Shimizu Music

  10. Photo of Etsuko Aikô

    Etsuko Aikô Production Design

  11. Photo of Atsuo Hirai

    Atsuo Hirai Production Design

  12. Photo of Akihiko Okamoto

    Akihiko Okamoto Producer

  13. Photo of Eric Brown

    Eric Brown Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Hisaya Shiraiwa

    Hisaya Shiraiwa Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Yoshitaka Honda

    Yoshitaka Honda Editing