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  1. forksclovetofu's rating of the film Symbol

    A mind-blowing experience in every way that pays off beyond any expectation.

  2. Rice Dream Girl's rating of the film Symbol

    The arbitrary confusion of existence, the blindness to the consequences of our own seemingly mundane actions through which we marvelously and unknowingly bring worlds into being.

  3. lostlevel's rating of the film Symbol

    Wonderful, initially it makes absolutely no sense. I chuckled throughout but by then end I realised I'd been duped... it ended up making a lot of sense.

  4. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Symbol

    If not very hilarious, at least some kind of genius.

  5. lou.'s rating of the film Symbol

    Well, I understand now, this man is an insane visionary genius. A lot of fun, watching the solo video-art performance. Because that's what it is, something else, utterly beyond cinema, which you can find, anyway, throughout the parallel Mexican storyline.Thinking about that, probably, it would've been better to cut or shorten a bit, just focusing on the absurd, hysterical and exaggerated proof of acting.

  6. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Symbol

  7. captainfez's rating of the film Symbol

    God wears pyjamas in a room full of angel dicks. Meanwhile, wrestling.

  8. Katherine Lo's rating of the film Symbol

    The film is very curious and there are elements of it in which I enjoyed. I didn't find it as bizarre and ingenious as most people mentioned. Some scenes were really fun but some were also long and unnecessary. I understand the over-the-top nature of Matsumoto's character but, for the most part, it was rather irritating. I started the film filled with excitement and was left disappointed.

  9. Graf von Zahl's rating of the film Symbol

    I've seen many absurd movies in my life, but this is a completely new level. Even if there is some deeper meaning behind it, you'll remember how to get soya sauce from the wall

  10. Nick Potter's rating of the film Symbol

    I won't even pretend to understand Japanese surrealism. Nothing in this seemed to make much sense to me, except apparently everything that happens is due to a man touching the dick of an angel, so there's always that.

  11. P D Dawson's rating of the film Symbol

    Symbol is certainly a surreal film that offers a surreal and unique experience. One also has to give it kudos for its endlessly creative turns and dreamlike images. Who knew that in the quest for humour, one could find such psychological depths as these and bring such philosophical ideas? For 90 mins one can see the world reimagined through Matsumoto's eyes, and it's full of innovative and wondrous things.

  12. DrFirestone's rating of the film Symbol

    Yet another intriguing dark comedy from Matsumoto, laced with a variety of genres and layers (both hidden and not). Some of the humour is specific for Japan, perhaps not for everyone or you might miss some of it, if you're not familiar with the culture. The Mexican part seems a bit pointless, especially considering its conclusion. The film get interesting towards the end, and the ending itself quite strong.

  13. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Symbol

    Mostly brilliant. Its' central thesis: God is actually a Japanese man trying to escape from a room by fondling cherubic penises, inadvertently saving the career of a lucha libre. It's one big, throbbing non sequitor, and I loved it.

  14. Corey's rating of the film Symbol

    Extremely weird but very funny movie.

  15. filmingilman's rating of the film Symbol

    Creative and clever, fun and funny. Two very different storylines converge in a most unconventional way in a most unconventional film. I wouldn't have it any other way. Matsumoto is fantastic in this, in any other picture I'd call it over the top, but it works. Much more polished than Big Man Japan.

  16. JoAnne Voightlander's rating of the film Symbol

    Ano... ano ne... don't really know what to say about this one, other than that I *did* enjoy it. One specific aspect, though, reminded me of when I read THE REPUBLIC OF WINE by Mo Yan and was a bit disturbed by the regular mention of baby privates. This must be something my Western-trained mind doesn't get. Outside of that, this title is fairly bizarre fiction & we can always use more of that!

  17. ferruchas's rating of the film Symbol

  18. Mike Jempson's rating of the film Symbol

  19. Alex Hall's rating of the film Symbol

  20. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Symbol

    Directed by, co-written by, and starring Hitoshi Matsumoto, Symbol is a bizarre and quite brilliant comedy that takes viewers on a trip into the depths of insanity, smiling gleefully all the way. I am not sure of what it all means, or if many scenes are supposed to really mean anything, but I am sure that I loved it.

  21. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Symbol

    A truly inventive film. I've never seen anybody touch that many penises in a non-porn movie.

  22. Alex Engquist's rating of the film Symbol

    equal parts 2001: A Space Odyssey and Chuck Jones, executed w/ absurdist visual imagination and Matsumoto's theatrically precise clowning. love a good cosmically-scaled fart joke.

  23. G.'s rating of the film Symbol

    Terrifically absurd? ...or absurdly terrific? Yes.

  24. David R Williams's rating of the film Symbol

    So if you touch enough baby wee wees you get to become god. Something like that.

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