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  1. Photo of Stephen Gaghan

    Stephen Gaghan Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Matt Damon

    Matt Damon Cast

  4. Photo of Jeffrey Wright

    Jeffrey Wright Cast

  5. Photo of Chris Cooper

    Chris Cooper Cast

  6. Photo of William Hurt

    William Hurt Cast

  7. Photo of Tim Blake Nelson

    Tim Blake Nelson Cast

  8. Photo of Amanda Peet

    Amanda Peet Cast

  9. Photo of Christopher Plummer

    Christopher Plummer Cast

  10. Photo of Alexander Siddig

    Alexander Siddig Cast

  11. Photo of Mazhar Munir

    Mazhar Munir Cast

  12. Photo of Max Minghella

    Max Minghella Cast

  13. Photo of Jamey Sheridan

    Jamey Sheridan Cast

  14. Photo of Viola Davis

    Viola Davis Cast

  15. Photo of Kayvan Novak

    Kayvan Novak Cast

  16. Photo of Amr Waked

    Amr Waked Cast

  17. Photo of Robert Foxworth

    Robert Foxworth Cast

  18. Photo of Jocelyn Quivrin

    Jocelyn Quivrin Cast

  19. Photo of Tom McCarthy

    Tom McCarthy Cast

  20. Photo of Jayne Atkinson

    Jayne Atkinson Cast

  21. Photo of Mark Strong

    Mark Strong Cast

  22. Photo of Robert Elswit

    Robert Elswit Cinematography

  23. Photo of Alexandre Desplat

    Alexandre Desplat Music

  24. Photo of Dan Weil

    Dan Weil Production Design

  25. Photo of Jennifer Fox

    Jennifer Fox Producer

  26. Photo of Georgia Kacandes

    Georgia Kacandes Producer

  27. Photo of Michael Nozik

    Michael Nozik Producer

  28. Photo of George Clooney

    George Clooney Executive Producer and Cast

  29. Photo of Ben Cosgrove

    Ben Cosgrove Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Jeff Skoll

    Jeff Skoll Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Steven Soderbergh

    Steven Soderbergh Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Tim Squyres

    Tim Squyres Editing