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  1. Photo of Linus Tunström

    Linus Tunström Director

  2. Photo of Pia Ehrnvall

    Pia Ehrnvall Producer

  3. Photo of Jonna Nordenskiöld

    Jonna Nordenskiöld Screenplay

  4. Photo of Björn Bondeson

    Björn Bondeson Cinematography

  5. Photo of Lina Englund

    Lina Englund Cast

  6. Photo of Chatarina Larsson

    Chatarina Larsson Cast

  7. Photo of Daniel Larsson

    Daniel Larsson Cast

  8. Photo of Florence Åkergren-Åberg

    Florence Åkergren-Åberg Editing

  9. Photo of Ulla Kassius

    Ulla Kassius Production Design

  10. Photo of Rikard Borggård

    Rikard Borggård Music

  11. Photo of Tomas Arwe

    Tomas Arwe Sound

  12. Photo of Björn Höglind

    Björn Höglind Sound

  13. Photo of Tommy Höglind

    Tommy Höglind Sound

  14. Photo of Tomas Krantz

    Tomas Krantz Sound

  15. Photo of Annika Gaimer

    Annika Gaimer Costume Design