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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Savygator's rating of the film T-Men

    This was a great movie, capturing the busy of how money can bring such an uproar. Loved the action with the two undercover men from Washington. I enjoyed the black & white films, even with no color there can be assumed of what the era was like. The idea of counterfeiting money played such as role in this time period with times of the war in history. I would recommend this to anyone who is into action or business.

  2. Honeychurch's rating of the film T-Men

    i didn't know disco balls existed in 1947. 4 stars

  3. mpho3's rating of the film T-Men

    "We shot scenes just as they came along. We shot under all conditions. Our night shots were made with almost no lights. It's natural and real, and that's what makes it dramatic. We did almost all our street scenes with masked cameras and in more cases than we expected passers-by never realized they were in the middle of a movie scene." John Alton, T-Men pressbook (The Crime Films of Anthony Mann by Max Alvarez)

  4. Greg's rating of the film T-Men

    Not the most action packed noir film, but still a very wonderful and exiting film to watch. Gangs, money, and guns always make for an interesting story about the U.S Treasury department and the secret service of old days.

  5. Dmitry Samarov's rating of the film T-Men

    A piece of pro-cop propaganda which hasn't aged well at all. While there's some quality noir cinematography, this is the type of "message movie" which winds up making the audience root for the bad guys.

  6. Peter Walsh's rating of the film T-Men

    A government approved film noir! Nice moments of pathos, but no exemplar of the genre.

  7. Ghostman's rating of the film T-Men

    Brilliantly shot by the great cinematographer John Alton and skillfully directed by Anthony Mann, one gets a real sense of the trials and tribulations of what it must have been to be like to be an undercover agent against crime. Although it features an unnecessary and sermonic voiceover narration throughout the proceedings and despite the overly one-sided depiction of monetary crimes, T-Men is a solid crime picture.

  8. Monkey Flix's rating of the film T-Men

    It settles down into being a fairly good 1940s crime film. The first third is comically over the top, though. You'll have to sit through the stern narration and dialog that tells us why O'Brien isn't married: "Did you ever spend 10 nights in a Turkish bath looking for a man?"

  9. SpacePirate's rating of the film T-Men

    Ok noir, but Mann did better w/ Raw Deal. This one feels dated, which is odd bc Dassin's The Naked City also uses narration/voice overs and still feels fresh. Some of the characters are laughable, and most of the cast is wooden. O'Keefe is ok, but has done much better elsewhere, like Raw Deal. Cinematography is good for most part thanks to Alton. Really not much to recommend here. For noir completists only. 2.5 stars

  10. ekeal9497's rating of the film T-Men

    This film was okay being i wasn't impressed. Yes, it's a united states film made in the 1940's and the acting was terrible. What could've been better was the cinematography in some respects. What was funny about this movie was the props and the scene staging. Very 40's esque but it wasn't used the best of its ability. If you want a good laugh or want to study old thrillers, go and watch this because it wasn't good...

  11. Jessica's rating of the film T-Men

    Overall I thought the film was good, I thought it was a bit boring at first but then got better. I wasn't a fan of the voice overs but I did like that it gave the viewer some information that maybe the film itself would not have shown. I also liked the camera work, lighting, music, and acting in the film. The lighting helped set the mood of a scene and so did the music.

  12. Loz Loory's rating of the film T-Men

    Hahaha. Watching this movie you'd never know 1/2 of the world's population is made of women. J. Edgar Hoover would have strongly approved of this script. Yes, great cinematography. Still, this is when the post-war gutting of women from Hollywood jobs to make way for returning soldiers began. Ex: From the 1920s until WWII, women made up 20% of film editors. After WWII, the figure dropped to 2% & remains there today.

  13. Eric Miller's rating of the film T-Men

    This movie uses a lot of lighting to portray different movements on screen. A lot of shadows to show the depth of how big and small things are. The story is your typical counterfeit ring and agents trying to figure out the case. The movie used a lot of different sounds and songs to express the feeling of the movie. The movie has a narration style that gives you background info that movies today don't have.

  14. Ben Loory's rating of the film T-Men

    uninspired and tiresome, momentarily enlivened by some good gangster scenes

  15. Slappy McGee's rating of the film T-Men

    This movie starts off HORRIBLY... and then it gets REALLY REALLY GOOD. Such a cool turnaround. The film goes from boring doc-style lecture to gritty drama excitement. Nice! The camerawork and the high level acting truly elevate this film. Those things along with the tight direction create great tension and a wonderful hard-boiled plot. Good stuff, especially considering this was a mid-1940's film. A real treat!

  16. El Biffo's rating of the film T-Men

    Classic American-style crime picture. Noir Photography by John Alton (The Big Combo) looks great on the big screen.

  17. FISCHER's rating of the film T-Men

    Une oeuvre d'une extrême noirceur qui montre les agents du Trésor comme d'efficaces truands pour la bonne cause .....

  18. Aardsy's rating of the film T-Men

    Terrible voice over is my jam.

  19. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film T-Men

    Además de la gran fotografía de John Alton, "T-Men" es una historia sórdida sobre infiltrados. De pronto los acontecimientos (e incluso su introducción del tipo archivo) recuerdan a los filmes gang de los años 30 aunque sin ser gráficos. Ahora, lo cierto es que este filme en lugar crear retrato y crítica de una coyuntura socialmente maligna, es una especie de propaganda estatal sobre el compromiso contra el hampa.

  20. Braden Vallenères's rating of the film T-Men

    The VO is very institutional and pretty awful, but thankfully it becomes much less prominent over the course of the film. Take away the VO and you've got a top-notch noir with excellent cinematography and some pretty harrowing scenes.

  21. Log Lady's rating of the film T-Men

    The monotonic voice-over made me want to stick needles into my ears, but otherwise pretty decent. The sauna scene is priceless.

  22. Daniel S.'s rating of the film T-Men

    The film will stay in my memory mainly thanks to the scene of the sauna. It was hot ! Recommended.

  23. Dave's rating of the film T-Men

    To me, T-Men remains the best noir that Anthony Mann made. Yes, the voice-overs make things dated, but if they can be ignored the rest of the film is superb. Mann and DP John Alton show why they are among the finest director-cinematographer duos in Hollywood history. A great noir that would be nearly perfect if not for the dreadful voice-overs.

  24. Pulpwino's rating of the film T-Men

    Not quite the level of Raw Deal due to the sterile narration, but there's still some amazing sequences and the photography by Mann is, as always, masterful. A fine cast, too.....