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  1. Masoud Einabadi's rating of the film Tabu

  2. Kunyuk Melempar Buah's rating of the film Tabu

  3. MisterColo93's rating of the film Tabu

  4. Daniela Cabrita's rating of the film Tabu

    Segunda parte bem melhor que a primeira. A nostalgia, o amor, a morte seguida pelo nascimento, a música, as paisagens, as cartas - tudo funciona. Bonito de ver e ouvir, porém o acting pareceu-me demasiado falso e forçado na primeira parte. O meu segundo Miguel Gomes, venham mais.

  5. vitofreire's rating of the film Tabu

    Gomes displays his ideas in a way that exposes the guts of his own movie - and the history of Portugal and the ways of Hollywood -, while never leting the thing come apart. Aware of cinema as fantasy (and reality), but never denying his viewer the truth in the artifice, which almost makes him the anti-Haneke. Thus, Tabu reveals what Tabu conceals. Gomes seams his film together with a skillful hand.

  6. Victor Morosoff's rating of the film Tabu

  7. afuchs's rating of the film Tabu

    I love Miguel Gomes and his devious ways. What kind of story is this? Who dreamt it up? Why did the main actress have to be beautiful? To such an extent? And what's with the speechless scenes that are not mute? Mariana Ricardo's cameo!

  8. Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Tabu

    Le Paradis & le Paradis Perdu, film étrange, inclassable, tragique & beau. Je dis souvent que quelque chose qui commence mal ne peut pas se terminer bien, en voici une édifiante illustration. Culte. Sans concession. Inoubliable. === Paradise & Paradise Lost, strange, tragic & beautiful film. I often say something that starts badly cannot end well, here's an uplifting illustration. Uncompromising. Unforgettable. Rare.

  9. simona dumitriu's rating of the film Tabu

  10. Kadjavsi's rating of the film Tabu

  11. AVA's rating of the film Tabu

    Ein Film mit spärlicher ,aber so edel geführter Kommunikation,die mich begeisterte.Man läßt hier wirkungsvoll Körpersprache zu.Überaus sehenswert.

  12. Irina Hutu's rating of the film Tabu

  13. Superfrog's rating of the film Tabu

    Stunning soundtrack, captivating story, good photography. Tells a story of colonisation, the people involved, the end thereof and the silence thereabout. The first part is a pretty good gem about modern times, and the second explains how it came about.

  14. fada19's rating of the film Tabu

    Un film superbe qui se regarde comme on lit un roman . Prise de son exceptionnelle , format, et le noir et blanc font de tout cela un petit Chef d'oeuvre

  15. ttourbier's rating of the film Tabu

  16. kinotopia's rating of the film Tabu

    wow this really romanticizes white supremacy and ripping off "Jules and Jim".

  17. BUTTAUD's rating of the film Tabu

    Magnifique! Une image splendide et un traitement narratif très intéressant, mêlant distance, douceur, nostalgie et passion.

  18. catweinz's rating of the film Tabu

    un de mes films culte ! je peux le voir et le revoir... splendide

  19. FISCHER's rating of the film Tabu

    D'une apparente construction classique, jouxtant présent et passé, la dramaturgie fantomatique mise en place par Gomes, en apesanteur et gravité, s'amplifie et s'enrichit en fait sans cesse, de constantes références souvent implicites, sans véritables liens flagrants ou manifestes, comme déjà dans ce magnifique prologue suicidaire et carnassier qui résume à lui seul les incessants ravages du cœur

  20. filmotrope's rating of the film Tabu

    With a gorgeous black-and-white cinematography and an impressive thematic rigor, this is a welcome surprise of tremendous poetry, a film that confronts frustration and memory as a lyrical homage to silent movies accompanied by a haunting narration.

  21. Didier Pigeon-Perreault's rating of the film Tabu

    Je vois le génie, mais je ne suis pas en mesure de l'apprécier. Ma faute!

  22. EdieEmm's rating of the film Tabu

    Was colonialism: A moment of untamed and passionate youth? The growing pains of an evolving moral consciousness? Simply evocative cinematic backdrop? If no, (hint: the answer is no) then we're left with some problematic filmmaking. Very glad this wasn't my first Gomes. Not that it didn't have charm, display talent, develop his style... It did. While being about as ill-advised and aversive as its characters. 2.75.

  23. Balthaz21's rating of the film Tabu

  24. João Martins's rating of the film Tabu

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