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  1. Photo of Shirô Moritani

    Shirô Moritani Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Toshirô Ide

    Toshirô Ide Screenplay

  3. Photo of Yusuke Okada

    Yusuke Okada Cast

  4. Photo of Akira Nakao

    Akira Nakao Cast

  5. Photo of Ayako Hosho

    Ayako Hosho Cast

  6. Photo of Akiko Kazami

    Akiko Kazami Cast

  7. Photo of Yôko Minakaze

    Yôko Minakaze Cast

  8. Photo of Kazuyo Mori

    Kazuyo Mori Cast

  9. Photo of Eiko Yamagishi

    Eiko Yamagishi Cast

  10. Photo of Hisano Yamaoka

    Hisano Yamaoka Cast

  11. Photo of Mieko Yûki

    Mieko Yûki Cast

  12. Photo of Asakazu Nakai

    Asakazu Nakai Cinematography

  13. Photo of Taku Izumi

    Taku Izumi Music

  14. Photo of Iwao Akune

    Iwao Akune Production Design

  15. Photo of Tomohiro Kaiyama

    Tomohiro Kaiyama Producer

  16. Photo of Masakatsu Kaneko

    Masakatsu Kaneko Producer

  17. Photo of Koichi Iwashita

    Koichi Iwashita Editing

  18. Photo of Toshiya Ban

    Toshiya Ban Sound