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  1. Photo of Mac Ahlberg

    Mac Ahlberg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tore Sjöberg

    Tore Sjöberg Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Émile Zola

    Émile Zola Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anna Gaël

    Anna Gaël Cast

  5. Photo of Gillian Hills

    Gillian Hills Cast

  6. Photo of Lars Lunøe

    Lars Lunøe Cast

  7. Photo of Keve Hjelm

    Keve Hjelm Cast

  8. Photo of Gérard Berner

    Gérard Berner Cast

  9. Photo of Rikki Septimus

    Rikki Septimus Cast

  10. Photo of Hans Ernback

    Hans Ernback Cast

  11. Photo of Poul Glargaard

    Poul Glargaard Cast

  12. Photo of Fritz Ruzicka

    Fritz Ruzicka Cast

  13. Photo of Helli Louise

    Helli Louise Cast

  14. Photo of Yvonne Ekmann

    Yvonne Ekmann Cast

  15. Photo of Bonnie Evans

    Bonnie Evans Cast

  16. Photo of Willy Peters

    Willy Peters Cast

  17. Photo of Georg Riedel

    Georg Riedel Music

  18. Photo of Wladimir Roitfeld

    Wladimir Roitfeld Producer

  19. Photo of Jarno Dupont

    Jarno Dupont Sound