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  1. Photo of Ang Lee

    Ang Lee Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Elliot Tiber

    Elliot Tiber Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tom Monte

    Tom Monte Screenplay

  4. Photo of Demetri Martin

    Demetri Martin Cast

  5. Photo of Dan Fogler

    Dan Fogler Cast

  6. Photo of Henry Goodman

    Henry Goodman Cast

  7. Photo of Jonathan Groff

    Jonathan Groff Cast

  8. Photo of Eugene Levy

    Eugene Levy Cast

  9. Photo of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan Cast

  10. Photo of Imelda Staunton

    Imelda Staunton Cast

  11. Photo of Emile Hirsch

    Emile Hirsch Cast

  12. Photo of Liev Schreiber

    Liev Schreiber Cast

  13. Photo of Skylar Astin

    Skylar Astin Cast

  14. Photo of Kevin Chamberlin

    Kevin Chamberlin Cast

  15. Photo of Paul Dano

    Paul Dano Cast

  16. Photo of Kelli Garner

    Kelli Garner Cast

  17. Photo of Richard Thomas

    Richard Thomas Cast

  18. Photo of Darren Pettie

    Darren Pettie Cast

  19. Photo of Zachary Booth

    Zachary Booth Cast

  20. Photo of Adam LeFevre

    Adam LeFevre Cast

  21. Photo of Ivan Sandomire

    Ivan Sandomire Cast

  22. Photo of Mamie Gummer

    Mamie Gummer Cast

  23. Photo of Kevin Sussman

    Kevin Sussman Cast

  24. Photo of Daniel Eric Gold

    Daniel Eric Gold Cast

  25. Photo of Éric Gautier

    Éric Gautier Cinematography

  26. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  27. Photo of David Gropman

    David Gropman Production Design

  28. Photo of James Schamus

    James Schamus Producer and Screenplay

  29. Photo of Celia D. Costas

    Celia D. Costas Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Michael Hausman

    Michael Hausman Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Tim Squyres

    Tim Squyres Editing