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  1. Photo of Jason Scott Lee

    Jason Scott Lee Cast

  2. Photo of Louise Lombard

    Louise Lombard Cast

  3. Photo of Sean Pertwee

    Sean Pertwee Cast

  4. Photo of Lysette Anthony

    Lysette Anthony Cast

  5. Photo of Michael Lerner

    Michael Lerner Cast

  6. Photo of Jack Davenport

    Jack Davenport Cast

  7. Photo of Honor Blackman

    Honor Blackman Cast

  8. Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee Cast

  9. Photo of Gerard Butler

    Gerard Butler Cast

  10. Photo of Shelley Duvall

    Shelley Duvall Cast

  11. Photo of John Esposito

    John Esposito Screenplay

  12. Photo of Russell Mulcahy

    Russell Mulcahy Screenplay and Director

  13. Photo of Romain Schroeder

    Romain Schroeder Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Silvio Muraglia

    Silvio Muraglia Producer

  15. Photo of Daniel Sladek

    Daniel Sladek Producer

  16. Photo of Stefano Mainetti

    Stefano Mainetti Music

  17. Photo of Gabriel Beristain

    Gabriel Beristain Cinematography

  18. Photo of Armen Minasian

    Armen Minasian Editing

  19. Photo of Bryce Walmsley

    Bryce Walmsley Production Design