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  1. Photo of Frank De Palma

    Frank De Palma Director

  2. Photo of John Harrison

    John Harrison Director

  3. Photo of John Strysik

    John Strysik Director

  4. Photo of Michael Gornick

    Michael Gornick Director

  5. Photo of Gerald Cotts

    Gerald Cotts Director

  6. Photo of Armand Mastroianni

    Armand Mastroianni Director

  7. Photo of Richard Friedman

    Richard Friedman Director

  8. Photo of Tom Savini

    Tom Savini Director

  9. Photo of Timna Ranon

    Timna Ranon Director

  10. Photo of Warner Shook

    Warner Shook Director

  11. Photo of James Steven Sadwith

    James Steven Sadwith Director

  12. Photo of Jodie Foster

    Jodie Foster Director

  13. Photo of Allen Coulter

    Allen Coulter Director

  14. Photo of Jeffrey Wolf

    Jeffrey Wolf Director

  15. Photo of Bob Balaban

    Bob Balaban Director

  16. Photo of Catherine Battistone

    Catherine Battistone Cast

  17. Photo of John Marzilli

    John Marzilli Cast

  18. Photo of Divine

    Divine Cast

  19. Photo of Paul Sparer

    Paul Sparer Narrator

  20. Photo of Richard P. Rubinstein

    Richard P. Rubinstein Executive Producer

  21. Photo of George A. Romero

    George A. Romero Executive Producer