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  1. Photo of Alastair Reid

    Alastair Reid Director

  2. Photo of Olympia Dukakis

    Olympia Dukakis Cast

  3. Photo of Chloe Webb

    Chloe Webb Cast

  4. Photo of Donald Moffat

    Donald Moffat Cast

  5. Photo of Laura Linney

    Laura Linney Cast

  6. Photo of Marcus D'Amico

    Marcus D'Amico Cast

  7. Photo of Paul Gross

    Paul Gross Cast

  8. Photo of Barbara Garrick

    Barbara Garrick Cast

  9. Photo of Thomas Gibson

    Thomas Gibson Cast

  10. Photo of Bill Campbell

    Bill Campbell Cast

  11. Photo of Nina Foch

    Nina Foch Cast

  12. Photo of Edie Adams

    Edie Adams Cast

  13. Photo of Robert Downey Sr.

    Robert Downey Sr. Cast

  14. Photo of Meagen Fay

    Meagen Fay Cast

  15. Photo of Lou Liberatore

    Lou Liberatore Cast

  16. Photo of Stanley DeSantis

    Stanley DeSantis Cast

  17. Photo of Country Joe McDonald

    Country Joe McDonald Cast

  18. Photo of Mary Kay Place

    Mary Kay Place Cast

  19. Photo of Parker Posey

    Parker Posey Cast

  20. Photo of Cynda Williams

    Cynda Williams Cast

  21. Photo of Karen Black

    Karen Black Cast

  22. Photo of Michael Jeter

    Michael Jeter Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Bartel

    Paul Bartel Cast

  24. Photo of Ian McKellen

    Ian McKellen Cast

  25. Photo of Vaginal Davis

    Vaginal Davis Cast

  26. Photo of Elise Neal

    Elise Neal Cast

  27. Photo of Marissa Ribisi

    Marissa Ribisi Cast

  28. Photo of Rod Steiger

    Rod Steiger Cast

  29. Photo of Tim Bevan

    Tim Bevan Executive Producer

  30. Photo of Richard Kramer

    Richard Kramer Executive Producer, Screenplay

  31. Photo of Armistead Maupin

    Armistead Maupin Executive Producer, Screenplay

  32. Photo of Alan Poul

    Alan Poul Producer

  33. Photo of Sigurjon Sighvatsson

    Sigurjon Sighvatsson Executive Producer

  34. Photo of John E. Keane

    John E. Keane Music

  35. Photo of Walt Lloyd

    Walt Lloyd Cinematography

  36. Photo of David Gamble

    David Gamble Editing

  37. Photo of Victoria Paul

    Victoria Paul Production Design

  38. Photo of Paul Dooley

    Paul Dooley Cast

  39. Photo of Belita Moreno

    Belita Moreno Cast

  40. Photo of Meadow Sisto

    Meadow Sisto Cast

  41. Photo of Stephanie Faracy

    Stephanie Faracy Cast

  42. Photo of Janeane Garofalo

    Janeane Garofalo Cast

  43. Photo of Ross Adams

    Ross Adams Sound