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  1. Clayton Wong's rating of the film Tampopo

    "When it comes to eating ramen, we are all amateurs" is maybe the most beautiful food philosophy I can imagine.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Tampopo

    "La grande bouffe" version nippone qui se veut une satire des moeurs culinaires du pays mais qui, finalement hormis deux ou trois scènes, ennuie souvent .....

  3. Jacob Bearchum's rating of the film Tampopo

    So this is the best film I had never seen, I loved this so much.

  4. A47's rating of the film Tampopo

    Utterly ridiculously delicious.

  5. omusubibi's rating of the film Tampopo

    ramen is my girlfriend (that egg scene was yikes but god I love this movie)

  6. Aida's rating of the film Tampopo

  7. Max Chervin's rating of the film Tampopo

    A very sumptuous take on food, cinema, sensuality, and human connectivity

  8. Carina Dybevick's rating of the film Tampopo

    More a compilation of shorts with the overarching theme of food than a movie, but fun nonetheless. This is a comical play on the spaghetti western, a ramen western if you will. The dramatic, physical acting accompanied by hilariously cheesy sound effects sincerely had me cracking up. I recommend this film to anyone who needs some weirdness in their life or wants to see some great shots of appetizing Japanese cuisine.

  9. Ryan Swen's rating of the film Tampopo

    Delectable in the strangest ways.

  10. Luis Pires's rating of the film Tampopo

  11. msmichel's rating of the film Tampopo

    4K restoration. Itami's 'Tampopo' has lost none of its power to entertain, hunger and titillate in the thirty years since its release. Watching on the big screen with an audience was a delight even if one is famished before its completion. Along with 'Babbete's Feast' this is the film that created the foodie subgenre. Nobuko Miyamoto (Taxing Woman, Minbo) was simply a revelation here that one just has to fall for.

  12. Michael Peer's rating of the film Tampopo

    A film about love. Love of food. Love of romance. Love of cinema. Love of pleasure and taste sensations. Few films have the ability to make your mouth water, belly laugh, and move you to tears. Unconventional, zany, and at times unbelievaly ridiculous, Tampopo will leave a smile on your face and leaving asking for more. A Japanese gem and a perfect cinematic representation of the best bowl of ramen you've ever had.

  13. anadyomene's rating of the film Tampopo

    1. You need a master to teach you how to be affectionate toward a bowl of ramen. 2. Fight me, plebs! But let me finish my food first. 3. You may want to squeeze some lemon and salt to your lover's body or dip it in sour cream during pre-coital act. Anything but that raw-egg-yolk-kiss, thank you. 4. A walk along the shore may lead you to some fine oysters, and a pedophilic love encounter. Ah fuck the character limit.

  14. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Tampopo

  15. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Tampopo

    One of the great non-narratives in the history of film. Simply connected through the human necessity to ingest, the stories are both ridiculous, and bizarrely relatable: the housewife who cooks One Last Meal, the Western spaghetti eater (not spaghetti western, although there's some of that too) and the Woman in the Grocery are standouts. Best viewed with a bowl of good ramen.

  16. Kevin Costner's rating of the film Tampopo

    I'll kill you if you make noise once the movie starts ! Understand? Hahaha...

  17. Mr Ton Ton's rating of the film Tampopo

    Kisah makanan dan para penikmatnya

  18. James Mackin's rating of the film Tampopo

  19. Thomas O'Neill's rating of the film Tampopo

    I quite liked this. Very clever and funny in an unexpected way.

  20. DisRegarding Henry's rating of the film Tampopo

    A funny and heartwarming comedy that puts a unique spin on a familiar genre. Juzo Itami's ramen western features some clever writing, unpredictably freeform storytelling, outrageous food-centered erotica, and delicately observed characters. It will make you happy and hungry in about equal measure.

  21. Janit's rating of the film Tampopo

    Watch out for the inevitable crave for ramen after finishing the movie. I'm so hungry right now.

  22. yasdnil's rating of the film Tampopo

    Yes, food porn ramen yum yum. All the hunger aside, it's actually a really cute comedy with a structure cleverly styled after a bowl of ramen. The title and opening scene are great too.

  23. WY's rating of the film Tampopo

    I saw it colour (possibly a TV cut)?

  24. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Tampopo

    This is the best ramen film that you ever gonna watch.

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