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  1. Photo of George Schnéevoigt

    George Schnéevoigt Director

  2. Photo of Fleming Lynge

    Fleming Lynge Screenplay

  3. Photo of Svend Rindom

    Svend Rindom Screenplay

  4. Photo of Else Skouboe

    Else Skouboe Cast

  5. Photo of Elith Pio

    Elith Pio Cast

  6. Photo of Aase Ziegler

    Aase Ziegler Cast

  7. Photo of Betty Söderberg

    Betty Söderberg Cast

  8. Photo of Valdemar Møller

    Valdemar Møller Cast

  9. Photo of Ebbe Rode

    Ebbe Rode Cast

  10. Photo of Martin Hansen

    Martin Hansen Cast

  11. Photo of Aage Garde

    Aage Garde Cast

  12. Photo of Dan Folke

    Dan Folke Music

  13. Photo of Manuel Romero

    Manuel Romero Music

  14. Photo of Christian Hansen

    Christian Hansen Production Design

  15. Photo of L. Mathiesen

    L. Mathiesen Production Design

  16. Photo of Valdemar Christensen

    Valdemar Christensen Editing and Cinematography

  17. Photo of Carl H. Petersen

    Carl H. Petersen Editing

  18. Photo of Henning O. Petersen

    Henning O. Petersen Sound