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  1. Photo of Leif Sinding

    Leif Sinding Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gabriel Scott

    Gabriel Scott Screenplay

  3. Photo of Henny Skjønberg

    Henny Skjønberg Cast

  4. Photo of Einar Vaage

    Einar Vaage Cast

  5. Photo of Hans Bille

    Hans Bille Cast

  6. Photo of Joachim Holst-Jensen

    Joachim Holst-Jensen Cast

  7. Photo of Nøste Schwab

    Nøste Schwab Cast

  8. Photo of Eva Lunde

    Eva Lunde Cast

  9. Photo of Ellen Nicola

    Ellen Nicola Cast

  10. Photo of S. Stenfelt Foss

    S. Stenfelt Foss Cast

  11. Photo of Beth Birkedal

    Beth Birkedal Cast

  12. Photo of Ragna Breda

    Ragna Breda Cast

  13. Photo of Ulf Greber

    Ulf Greber Cinematography

  14. Photo of Per Jonson

    Per Jonson Cinematography

  15. Photo of Jolly Kramer-Johansen

    Jolly Kramer-Johansen Music

  16. Photo of Baard Hjelde

    Baard Hjelde Production Design

  17. Photo of Carsten N. Wilskow

    Carsten N. Wilskow Sound