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  1. Photo of Jack Arnold

    Jack Arnold Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Robert M. Fresco

    Robert M. Fresco Screenplay

  3. Photo of Martin Berkeley

    Martin Berkeley Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Agar

    John Agar Cast

  5. Photo of Mara Corday

    Mara Corday Cast

  6. Photo of Leo G. Carroll

    Leo G. Carroll Cast

  7. Photo of Nestor Paiva

    Nestor Paiva Cast

  8. Photo of Ross Elliott

    Ross Elliott Cast

  9. Photo of Edwin Rand

    Edwin Rand Cast

  10. Photo of Raymond Bailey

    Raymond Bailey Cast

  11. Photo of Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood Cast

  12. Photo of Hank Patterson

    Hank Patterson Cast

  13. Photo of Bert Holland

    Bert Holland Cast

  14. Photo of Steve Darrell

    Steve Darrell Cast

  15. Photo of George Robinson

    George Robinson Cinematography

  16. Photo of Herman Stein

    Herman Stein Music

  17. Photo of William Alland

    William Alland Producer

  18. Photo of William Morgan

    William Morgan Editing

  19. Photo of Leslie I. Carey

    Leslie I. Carey Sound

  20. Photo of Frank H. Wilkinson

    Frank H. Wilkinson Sound