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  1. Photo of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Screenplay

  2. Photo of Max Zihlmann

    Max Zihlmann Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vera Tschechowa

    Vera Tschechowa Cast

  4. Photo of Rüdiger Vogler

    Rüdiger Vogler Cast

  5. Photo of Hanns Zischler

    Hanns Zischler Cast

  6. Photo of Katharina Böhm

    Katharina Böhm Cast

  7. Photo of William Berger

    William Berger Cast

  8. Photo of Kerstin Eiblmeier

    Kerstin Eiblmeier Cast

  9. Photo of Martin Kern

    Martin Kern Cast

  10. Photo of George Tabori

    George Tabori Cast

  11. Photo of Willem Menne

    Willem Menne Cast

  12. Photo of Peter Moland

    Peter Moland Cast

  13. Photo of Dr. Klupak

    Dr. Klupak Cast

  14. Photo of Franz Eitzinger

    Franz Eitzinger Cast

  15. Photo of Vadim Glowna

    Vadim Glowna Cast

  16. Photo of Jannine Fox

    Jannine Fox Cast

  17. Photo of Felicia Sobczyk

    Felicia Sobczyk Cast

  18. Photo of Rosina Hellwiger

    Rosina Hellwiger Cast

  19. Photo of Martin Schäfer

    Martin Schäfer Cinematography

  20. Photo of Christoph Oliver

    Christoph Oliver Music

  21. Photo of Anamarie Michnevich

    Anamarie Michnevich Production Design

  22. Photo of Hans Brockmann

    Hans Brockmann Producer

  23. Photo of Rudolf Thome

    Rudolf Thome Producer and Director

  24. Photo of Dörte Völz-Mammarella

    Dörte Völz-Mammarella Editing

  25. Photo of Margit Eschenbach

    Margit Eschenbach Sound

  26. Photo of Gioia Raspé

    Gioia Raspé Costume Design