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  1. Photo of Robert F. Hill

    Robert F. Hill Director

  2. Photo of Walter Anthony

    Walter Anthony Screenplay

  3. Photo of Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Edgar Rice Burroughs Screenplay

  4. Photo of Basil Dickey

    Basil Dickey Screenplay

  5. Photo of George H. Plympton

    George H. Plympton Screenplay

  6. Photo of Buster Crabbe

    Buster Crabbe Cast

  7. Photo of Julie Bishop

    Julie Bishop Cast

  8. Photo of E. Alyn Warren

    E. Alyn Warren Cast

  9. Photo of Edward Woods

    Edward Woods Cast

  10. Photo of Philo McCullough

    Philo McCullough Cast

  11. Photo of Matthew Betz

    Matthew Betz Cast

  12. Photo of Frank Lackteen

    Frank Lackteen Cast

  13. Photo of Mischa Auer

    Mischa Auer Cast

  14. Photo of Carlotta Monti

    Carlotta Monti Cast

  15. Photo of Symona Boniface

    Symona Boniface Cast

  16. Photo of Darby Jones

    Darby Jones Cast

  17. Photo of Al Kikume

    Al Kikume Cast

  18. Photo of George DeNormand

    George DeNormand Cast

  19. Photo of Everett Brown

    Everett Brown Cast

  20. Photo of Philip Sleeman

    Philip Sleeman Cast

  21. Photo of Ivory Williams

    Ivory Williams Cast

  22. Photo of Joseph Brotherton

    Joseph Brotherton Cinematography

  23. Photo of Harry Neumann

    Harry Neumann Cinematography

  24. Photo of Sol Lesser

    Sol Lesser Producer

  25. Photo of Carl Himm

    Carl Himm Editing

  26. Photo of Charles J. Hunt

    Charles J. Hunt Sound