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  1. Photo of Chris Buck

    Chris Buck Director

  2. Photo of Kevin Lima

    Kevin Lima Director

  3. Photo of Tab Murphy

    Tab Murphy Screenplay

  4. Photo of Bob Tzudiker

    Bob Tzudiker Screenplay

  5. Photo of Noni White

    Noni White Screenplay

  6. Photo of Edgar Rice Burroughs

    Edgar Rice Burroughs Screenplay

  7. Photo of Tony Goldwyn

    Tony Goldwyn Voice

  8. Photo of Minnie Driver

    Minnie Driver Voice

  9. Photo of Glenn Close

    Glenn Close Voice

  10. Photo of Brian Blessed

    Brian Blessed Voice

  11. Photo of Nigel Hawthorne

    Nigel Hawthorne Voice

  12. Photo of Lance Henriksen

    Lance Henriksen Voice

  13. Photo of Alex D. Linz

    Alex D. Linz Voice

  14. Photo of Rosie O'Donnell

    Rosie O'Donnell Voice

  15. Photo of Mark Mancina

    Mark Mancina Music

  16. Photo of David Metzger

    David Metzger Music

  17. Photo of Phil Collins

    Phil Collins Music

  18. Photo of Bonnie Arnold

    Bonnie Arnold Producer

  19. Photo of Scott Martin Gershin

    Scott Martin Gershin Sound

  20. Photo of Nerses Gezalyan

    Nerses Gezalyan Sound

  21. Photo of Per Hallberg

    Per Hallberg Sound

  22. Photo of Geoffrey G. Rubay

    Geoffrey G. Rubay Sound

  23. Photo of Georges Abolin

    Georges Abolin Animation

  24. Photo of Pierre Alary

    Pierre Alary Animation

  25. Photo of Marco Allard

    Marco Allard Animation

  26. Photo of Jennifer K. Ando

    Jennifer K. Ando Animation

  27. Photo of Doug Ball

    Doug Ball Animation

  28. Photo of Jared Beckstrand

    Jared Beckstrand Animation

  29. Photo of Doug Bennett

    Doug Bennett Animation

  30. Photo of David Berthier

    David Berthier Animation

  31. Photo of Olivier Besson

    Olivier Besson Animation

  32. Photo of David Block

    David Block Animation

  33. Photo of Bolhem Bouchiba

    Bolhem Bouchiba Animation

  34. Photo of Justin Brandstater

    Justin Brandstater Animation

  35. Photo of Robert Bryan

    Robert Bryan Animation

  36. Photo of Dave Burgess

    Dave Burgess Animation

  37. Photo of Chang Chen-Yi

    Chang Chen-Yi Animation

  38. Photo of Hye Coh

    Hye Coh Animation

  39. Photo of Caroline Cruikshank

    Caroline Cruikshank Animation

  40. Photo of Guy Deel

    Guy Deel Animation

  41. Photo of Patrick Delage

    Patrick Delage Animation

  42. Photo of Eric Delbecq

    Eric Delbecq Animation

  43. Photo of Peter DeSève

    Peter DeSève Animation

  44. Photo of Dominick R. Domingo

    Dominick R. Domingo Animation

  45. Photo of Debbie Du Bois

    Debbie Du Bois Animation

  46. Photo of Ken Duncan

    Ken Duncan Animation

  47. Photo of Adam Dykstra

    Adam Dykstra Animation

  48. Photo of Russ Edmonds

    Russ Edmonds Animation

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