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  1. Photo of Roy Del Ruth

    Roy Del Ruth Director

  2. Photo of Kenyon Nicholson

    Kenyon Nicholson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kubec Glasmon

    Kubec Glasmon Screenplay

  4. Photo of John Bright

    John Bright Screenplay

  5. Photo of James Cagney

    James Cagney Cast

  6. Photo of Loretta Young

    Loretta Young Cast

  7. Photo of George E. Stone

    George E. Stone Cast

  8. Photo of Guy Kibbee

    Guy Kibbee Cast

  9. Photo of Leila Bennett

    Leila Bennett Cast

  10. Photo of Dorothy Burgess

    Dorothy Burgess Cast

  11. Photo of David Landau

    David Landau Cast

  12. Photo of Ray Cooke

    Ray Cooke Cast

  13. Photo of Evalyn Knapp

    Evalyn Knapp Cast

  14. Photo of George Raft

    George Raft Cast

  15. Photo of James Van Trees

    James Van Trees Cinematography

  16. Photo of Esdras Hartley

    Esdras Hartley Production Design

  17. Photo of Robert Lord

    Robert Lord Producer

  18. Photo of James Gibbon

    James Gibbon Editing

  19. Photo of Robert B. Lee

    Robert B. Lee Sound