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  1. Photo of Frank Ripploh

    Frank Ripploh Director, Screenplay, Producer Cast

  2. Photo of Tamara Kafka

    Tamara Kafka Screenplay

  3. Photo of Christine Neubauer

    Christine Neubauer Cast

  4. Photo of Udo Schenk

    Udo Schenk Cast

  5. Photo of Nina Schühly

    Nina Schühly Cast

  6. Photo of Domenica Niehoff

    Domenica Niehoff Cast

  7. Photo of Burkhard Driest

    Burkhard Driest Cast

  8. Photo of Thomas Born

    Thomas Born Cast

  9. Photo of Gaby Sievers

    Gaby Sievers Cast

  10. Photo of Bernd Broaderup

    Bernd Broaderup Cast

  11. Photo of Jan Procházka

    Jan Procházka Cast

  12. Photo of Hildegard Schäfer

    Hildegard Schäfer Cast

  13. Photo of Gabriel Wild

    Gabriel Wild Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Haener

    Peter Haener Cast

  15. Photo of Klaus Beckmann

    Klaus Beckmann Cast

  16. Photo of Ron Matz

    Ron Matz Cast

  17. Photo of Dodo Šimončič

    Dodo Šimončič Cinematography

  18. Photo of Peter Breiner

    Peter Breiner Music

  19. Photo of Hans Zillmann

    Hans Zillmann Production Design

  20. Photo of Peter R. Adam

    Peter R. Adam Editing

  21. Photo of Ernst Hermann Marell

    Ernst Hermann Marell Sound