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  1. Photo of Antoine Fuqua

    Antoine Fuqua Director

  2. Photo of Alex Lasker

    Alex Lasker Screenplay

  3. Photo of Patrick Cirillo

    Patrick Cirillo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Joe Roth

    Joe Roth Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Mike Lobell

    Mike Lobell Producer

  6. Photo of Ian Bryce

    Ian Bryce Producer

  7. Photo of Arnold Rifkin

    Arnold Rifkin Producer

  8. Photo of Lisa Gerrard

    Lisa Gerrard Music

  9. Photo of Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer Music

  10. Photo of Mauro Fiore

    Mauro Fiore Cinematography

  11. Photo of Conrad Buff IV

    Conrad Buff IV Editing

  12. Photo of Christopher Holmes

    Christopher Holmes Editing

  13. Photo of Naomi Shohan

    Naomi Shohan Production Design

  14. Photo of Willie D. Burton

    Willie D. Burton Sound

  15. Photo of George Simpson

    George Simpson Sound

  16. Photo of Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis Cast

  17. Photo of Monica Bellucci

    Monica Bellucci Cast

  18. Photo of Cole Hauser

    Cole Hauser Cast

  19. Photo of Eamonn Walker

    Eamonn Walker Cast

  20. Photo of Johnny Messner

    Johnny Messner Cast

  21. Photo of Nick Chinlund

    Nick Chinlund Cast

  22. Photo of Charles Ingram

    Charles Ingram Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Francis

    Paul Francis Cast

  24. Photo of Chad Smith

    Chad Smith Cast

  25. Photo of Tom Skerritt

    Tom Skerritt Cast

  26. Photo of Malick Bowens

    Malick Bowens Cast

  27. Photo of Awaovieyi Agie

    Awaovieyi Agie Cast

  28. Photo of Akosua Busia

    Akosua Busia Cast

  29. Photo of Hadar Busia-Singleton

    Hadar Busia-Singleton Cast

  30. Photo of Ida Onyango

    Ida Onyango Cast

  31. Photo of Fabrice Yahve Habimana Jr.

    Fabrice Yahve Habimana Jr. Cast

  32. Photo of Sammi Rotibi

    Sammi Rotibi Cast

  33. Photo of Benjamin Ochieng

    Benjamin Ochieng Cast

  34. Photo of Jimmy Jean-Louis

    Jimmy Jean-Louis Cast

  35. Photo of Fionnula Flanagan

    Fionnula Flanagan Cast

  36. Photo of Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy

    Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy Cast

  37. Photo of Pierrino Mascarino

    Pierrino Mascarino Cast

  38. Photo of Peter Mensah

    Peter Mensah Cast

  39. Photo of Howard Mungo

    Howard Mungo Cast

  40. Photo of Kanayo Chiemelu

    Kanayo Chiemelu Cast

  41. Photo of Nkeonye Nwankwo

    Nkeonye Nwankwo Cast

  42. Photo of Alpha Osman Davis

    Alpha Osman Davis Cast

  43. Photo of Morris Sesay

    Morris Sesay Cast

  44. Photo of Cle Shaheed Sloan

    Cle Shaheed Sloan Cast

  45. Photo of Kobby Dankyi

    Kobby Dankyi Cast

  46. Photo of Lahai Fahnbulleh

    Lahai Fahnbulleh Cast

  47. Photo of Allison Dean

    Allison Dean Cast

  48. Photo of Rodney Charles

    Rodney Charles Cast

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