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  1. Stijn's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Beautiful film about a bodybuilder who starts to find his own way, stand on his own two feet and to find love. It's awesome how small everything gets compared to this teddybear. Disarming performance by the bodybuilder. Nicely found and guided by the director.

  2. Robert H. Stevens's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Touching and good natured, this film depicts the difficulties of pursuing what makes oneself happy and trying to make one's family happy as well. Also shows how you can't judge a book by its cover.

  3. John Woodall's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    I always love finding movies like this. A unique story told with a warm emotional intensity that really connected with me. Great soundtrack as well.

  4. caitlin.f's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    i really wanted to sympathize with the guy but i couldn't. i'm glad he finally got some courage in the end.

  5. David R Williams's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    What a sad little film. Does love always leave wreckage?

  6. ShawnD's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    I loved this movie. It's a monument to humanism that never strikes the wrong chord. Teddy Bear deserved a much larger audience.

  7. jennifer church's rating of the film Teddy Bear

  8. Collin's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Kim Kold's Denis produces subtle mannerisms and mumbly speech that hit far too real for comfort and mirrored tones of isolation leave something just short of bittersweet, but the film's about contrast anyway. Heartbreaking in how real it feels as peering into a life of serious consequence.

  9. chris budden's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Teddy Bear is a touching film of a professional body builder (Dennis) struggling to find his way. After falling in love with a woman in Thailand, Dennis must find a way to tell his Mother and current landlord that he is finally moving out after many years. Matthiesen does a beautiful job using very little to no music throughout the movie to really help set the scene.

  10. Daniel Nguyen's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    I thought the film was great. The title fit the story quite well because he was a gentle giant, much like a teddy bear. I thought the plot wasn’t too out of hand and was relatable in some sense. I thought it put a great spin on masculinity because a giant bodybuilder is being dominated by his struggle to find love but also was being controlled by a person that is significantly smaller than him, his mother.

  11. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Teddy Bear

  12. Odradek's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Dennis is a bodybuilder with an impressive physique, but due to him being very shy and introverted, he is not really successful in his efforts to get a girlfriend in his hometown. After he sees his oncle marry a woman from Thailand, he organizes a trip to Thailand searching for love, female affection and a human connection. Very beautiful and real portrait of a very sweet man imprisoned by his own inhibition.

  13. Paco's rating of the film Teddy Bear

  14. MajoMercier's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Film rests solely on his big shoulders. The title says it all; nail biting to see a man with this power be a scared little boy.

  15. Matteo Marangoni's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    a film with a lot of qualities and worthwhile watching, but outdated if not offensive in how it deals with the Western man / Asian woman relationship

  16. Henk Lamers's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Final score: 8. Storyline: 8, Originality: 8, Cinematography: 7, Involvement: 7, Sound: 7, Editing: 8, Educational: 9, Title design: 7, Acting: 8, Interesting: 9, Unusual: 7, Exciting: 7, Superior: 7

  17. Aube James's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Film's title & Kim Kold (as Dennis) felt too scripted. Not sure how many International Body Builders feel like total odd ducks about romance and independence. I'm entertained by the nuances and stereotyping though. Films that dwell on overseas romance tend to say more than it plans to admit.

  18. Le temps perdu's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Sympathetic premisse, entertaining but a bit predictable. Much better than Matthiesen's The Model (2016), which has the same narrative structure, although with a female leading role.

  19. Youssor's rating of the film Teddy Bear

  20. kpuljek's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Hit me right in the feels.

  21. Лиич's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Very cute movie, surprisingly likable characters and a satisfying ending.

  22. Ícaro Drasan's rating of the film Teddy Bear

  23. ig_____or's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Dennis is so cute and shy that right from the start you root for him, hoping that he will be able to break free from his mother's emotional oppression. The film itself is very 'nordic' and restrained, only the mother loses her temper near the end. It's not particularly memorable but it kind of made me wanna go to Thailand someday (and not for the prostitutes...!)

  24. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Teddy Bear

    Incredible Hulk meets Winnie The Pooh. Though Dennis facial expression barely changes throughout the movie, it's his gigantic shape and heart that communicates with the other characters (and with us) in a very truthful and tender tone. The premise may be his search for love, but the clingy abusive relationship with his mother stands out.

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