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  1. Photo of Steve Barron

    Steve Barron Director

  2. Photo of Todd W. Langen

    Todd W. Langen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Bobby Herbeck

    Bobby Herbeck Screenplay

  4. Photo of Judith Hoag

    Judith Hoag Cast

  5. Photo of Elias Koteas

    Elias Koteas Cast

  6. Photo of Josh Pais

    Josh Pais Cast

  7. Photo of Corey Feldman

    Corey Feldman Cast

  8. Photo of Sam Rockwell

    Sam Rockwell Cast

  9. Photo of James Saito

    James Saito Cast

  10. Photo of Brian Tochi

    Brian Tochi Cast

  11. Photo of Robbie Rist

    Robbie Rist Cast

  12. Photo of Kevin Clash

    Kevin Clash Cast

  13. Photo of John Fenner

    John Fenner Cinematography

  14. Photo of John Du Prez

    John Du Prez Music

  15. Photo of David Chan

    David Chan Producer

  16. Photo of Kim Dawson

    Kim Dawson Producer

  17. Photo of Simon Fields

    Simon Fields Producer

  18. Photo of Raymond Chow

    Raymond Chow Executive Producer

  19. Photo of William D. Gordean

    William D. Gordean Editing

  20. Photo of Sally Menke

    Sally Menke Editing

  21. Photo of James R. Symons

    James R. Symons Editing