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  1. Eleanor Abernathy's rating of the film Teenage

  2. D I A N A's rating of the film Teenage

  3. ladysnaggle's rating of the film Teenage

    would have been better as a silent flick. no captions or anything. just moving images.

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Teenage

    Refreshing and creative collage of a documentary that uses Jon Savage's book as a jumping off point in tracing the evolution of youth movements into the coined term 'teenager' in 1945. A mix of archival footage and prints mixed with some crafty recreations and an involving score by Bradford Cox. Not exactly an educational doc but an entertaining, well compiled one that could have benefited from being longer.

  5. indecisivespice's rating of the film Teenage

    I think the additional materials for this film might have been my favorite thing about it? The original soundtrack by Bradford Cox was beautiful, all of the posters and artwork were perfectly crafted, and the BTS on the recreations were fascinating. However, when it comes to the actual film, this was more of an artistic venture than a totally historically accurate and fully educational one.

  6. dave gunn's rating of the film Teenage

    This was a really great documentary about the last couple of decades for the adolescent: from slave workers to consumers to lost souls to political pawns and fighters of others' wars to revolutionaries and, eventually in 1945, to a vague demographic. With stunning archival footage and captivating storytelling, this shows how important and divisive teenagers were and are.

  7. E AP's rating of the film Teenage

    Really decent, but why the overly melodramatic ending...

  8. CRW's rating of the film Teenage

    One teaser online and it requires a password.....that's some genius marketing right there...

  9. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Teenage

    Splendid, like the book. But the title is misleading as the documentary does not fully or convincingly explain the meaning of teenager (officially "invented" in 1945), but rather illuminates the social, cultural, and historical conditions that led to the emergence of teenagers.

  10. herb shellenberger's rating of the film Teenage