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  1. Photo of Claude Mouriéras

    Claude Mouriéras Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frédéric Pierrot

    Frédéric Pierrot Cast

  3. Photo of Muriel Mayette

    Muriel Mayette Cast

  4. Photo of Vincent Dénériaz

    Vincent Dénériaz Cast

  5. Photo of Cédric Vieira

    Cédric Vieira Cast

  6. Photo of Julien Charpy

    Julien Charpy Cast

  7. Photo of Stéphanie Frey

    Stéphanie Frey Cast

  8. Photo of Suzanne Gradel

    Suzanne Gradel Cast

  9. Photo of Christophe Delachaux

    Christophe Delachaux Cast

  10. Photo of Yvon Davis

    Yvon Davis Cast

  11. Photo of Katya Medici

    Katya Medici Cast

  12. Photo of William Lubtchansky

    William Lubtchansky Cinematography

  13. Photo of Bertrand Lenclos

    Bertrand Lenclos Music

  14. Photo of Wouter Zoon

    Wouter Zoon Production Design

  15. Photo of Philippe Carcassonne

    Philippe Carcassonne Producer

  16. Photo of Monique Dartonne

    Monique Dartonne Editing