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Ratings & Reviews

  1. alice's rating of the film Ten Days Wonder

    Un film che vorrebbe essere. Ciò che ricorderò a lungo è il viso di Welles nella sequenza finale (un re pazzo, spodestato, fautore della sua stessa rovina).

  2. AugusteB's rating of the film Ten Days Wonder

    Very enjoyable french high art psychology thriller trash with great costume and set design.

  3. Alexine Chanel's rating of the film Ten Days Wonder

    I loved the undercover humour behind the extrapolated theological thriller angle, the exaggeratedly sinister atmosphere. and all this nested in gorgeous gorgeous decors and landscapes and costumes, equivocal expressions, and scintillating cast, loved it all!

  4. AVA's rating of the film Ten Days Wonder

    Ein recht mittelmäßiger Chabrol Film.Trotz brillianter Besetzung.Er nimmt sehr langsam Fahrt auf.Dann allerdings wird es gewohnt spannend.

  5. Stefan Drees's rating of the film Ten Days Wonder

    Far from Chabrol's best film (it would rather have been a subject for Dario Argento). Nonetheless, there are some interesting features, e.g. the sequence in the beginng after Charles awakens dizzy in his hotel room. Most noteworthy is the camera, because its movements around the rooms (or in the moment when it captures the plate on the pawnbroker's shop) create an exceptional tension.

  6. FISCHER's rating of the film Ten Days Wonder

    S'appuyant sur les divinités gréco-romaines pour tenter de créer une oeuvre cosmogénique, Claude Chabrol se fourvoie dans une piétinante réalisation pseudo et psycho-philosophique, d'une confondante nullité...